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Working Quickly Unlock “Tortured & Rescued” Adler Skin (Hunt For Adler)

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Intel – Yamantau (Head Comrade Sticker)
In Cold War, play and complete 7 games on Yamantu.

Basic Premise

Using the 2 player private “public” online match glitch, as the host start an online match on Yamantu and as the host end the game. If the non-host quits before the host that game won’t count towards their 7 games to complete.


Player 1

On multiplayer menu go to VS bots and select “change map” so you’re viewing the full list of maps available to use in VS bots and wait for player 2 to invite you

2) Player 2

While on the multiplayer menu go to social and select “invite to party” to player 1 and wait for them to join

3) Player 1

Once the Call of Duty in game invite pops up (not console invite notification) press Y / and click accept (you cannot use a mouse or keyboard to open the invite you can only accept or decline and if you do it will kick you out of the “change map” menu). Once you see at the top right corner of your screen the party number change from 1/6 to 2/6 indicating you’ve joined player 2’s party.

Use either a mouse to select “SOCIAL” box at the top right corner of your screen to open the social menu or select the “SETTINGS” button at the bottom left corner of your screen to open the settings menu. Alternatively, you can press F1 or O on a keyboard to open social or F3 to open settings.

Tip! - I’d recommend using the social menu instead of the settings menu as every time player 2 moves the party to a different window (main menu, zombies menu etc.) the game takes you out of the settings menu so you would have to renter the settings menu each time player 2 changes window and before they move to another. Whereas if you open the social menu while doing this glitch the game won’t take you out of it when player 2 changes windows.

4) Player 2

Once player 1 has joined your party and they’ve opened either the settings or social menu then on your controller press B / O to bring up the “leave lobby” prompt and select “bring party”. Once you’re on the main menu (Cold War | Warzone | Modern Warfare) go down and select Zombies.

Once you’re in the Zombies menu go down and select the “PRIVATE” button and then select the Outbreak game mode. Once the yellow timer at the top centre of your screen starts counting down and gets to 27 or 28 seconds press B / O on your controller to bring up the “leave lobby” prompt and select “leave alone”. This will handover the role of host to player 1.

After you left the Outbreak lobby as quick as you can press Y / to open up the social menu, select your friend (player 1) and click “join party”. Your part in setting up the private “public” online match is done. Just wait for player 1 to do their part and the game will start.

5) Player 1

After player 2 has left the Outbreak lobby and has joined back (check the number of people in the party at the top. When they left it would have said 1 / 4 and when they joined back it would state 2 / 4) back out of the social / settings menu and as quick as you can scroll down and select the Yamantau map. This will take you back to the “VS Bots” menu. Now select the free for all game mode.

The lobby is now set up you just have to wait for the timer to finish counting down and the game will put you both in a private “public” online free for all on Yamantau. Player 1 as the current host of the match can just end the game by pressing the menu button on your controller, going down and selecting quit game and accepting the prompt. By the host doing this it closes the game so there won’t be any host migration and so it will count as a “complete” game.

Tip! – If you wanted to use the 7 games you would play with your friend on Yamantau to also unlock other challenges I wouldn’t recommend doing too many types of challenges mainly because it’s not as productive as you would both need to find each other on the map. Whereas if you did the same glitch to set up a private “public” online game and used a non-standard free for all map such as Duga, Alpine, Ruka, Sanatorium or Golova. You would be able to complete most challenges quicker on those maps as you would both spawn on the same spot.

The only challenge I’d recommend doing while doing your 7 games on Yamantau are challenges which you can only achieve one per game. For example the new Ballistic Knife you need to get one “one hit, one kill” medal and one kill from a melee weapon in one life, one game which you have to do 15 times (15 separate games). So, as you can only do one of these challenges per game and it wouldn’t take too much time for both players to find each other on the map and each get a “one shot, one kill” medal and a kill with a melee weapon in one life.

Once you’ve done any challenges you want to do (remember the settings for this match are standard free for all so you have 10 minutes and a score win of 30 kills) or if you don’t want to do any challenges on this map. Player 1 as the host press start and select “quit game”. When you’re back in the multiplayer menu you can go across to “hunt for Adler” tab and you will have completed 1 / 7 games for the Intel – Yamantau challenge.

Intel – Person of Interest (Pager - Charm)
In Cold War, kill 25 enemies on a killstreak while using the Assassin Perk


Intel – Field Reconnaissance
(Pager - Charm)
In Cold War, kill 25 enemies who have been revealed by your Sky Plane, H.A.R.P., or Field Mic

Basic Premise

Both “Intel – Field Reconnaissance” and “Intel – Person of Interest” can be completed in a couple of private “public” online free for all matches on non-standard free for all maps such as Duga, Alpine, Ruka, Sanatorium or Golova. To do this player 1 & player 2 would need to have the Assassin Perk, Gearhead Perk (Reduce field upgrade cooldown and two field upgrades, this will help with “Intel – Field Reconnaissance”) and the Field Mic on which ever class you’re going to use for the match.

As you’d be using 2 blue perks you would need either perk greed to select 2 of each colour perk or law breaker so you can put the second blue perk in either the yellow or red slot.


To set up a match on Duga, Alpine, Ruka, Sanatorium or Golova it’s pretty much the same guide as setting a match on Yamantau except on the first point as player 1 while in the VS Bots menu don’t select and open the list of maps instead just stay on the VS Bots menu.

Later at point 5 once player 2 has left the party and joined back in making player 1 the host. Instead of just selecting the map as you previously would have done this time scroll down to “select map” and press A / X and select either Duga, Alpine, Ruka, Sanatorium or Golova as the map to play on confirm on the popup stating the game mode will change when you’re back in the VS Bots menu scroll up and select the Free For All and you’re all set the game will continue to count down and set up a match on the map you chose.

Tip! – It’s best to choose either Duga, Sanatorium or Golova as you both spawn in good locations on these maps. Golova is good for any challenge that requires sky diving / parachute as you can go up to the bridge you spawn under jump off of that and open a parachute. Sanatorium is good there are a few places you can stand behind while throwing a flash or stun to affect the other player but not yourself for challenges around those sorts of things. It also has a long staircase that’s useful for long shot medals for snipers. Duga (new map) I’ve only tried it once but the spawn location on it is good as you both spawn in a location good for close kills as well as having a zipline to the top of the tower so another good location for long shot kills. Careful ziplining up there as when you get to the top the game can give you a bit of a momentum and throw you over when you get to the top.

The Challenges

Intel – Person of Interest
(Pager - Charm)
In Cold War, kill 25 enemies on a killstreak while using the Assassin Perk

Both players should take turns getting 2 kills then the other player gets two kills each time you do this you’re killing the enemy on a kill streak (2 kills accounts as a streak).

Intel – Field Reconnaissance (Pager - Charm)
In Cold War, kill 25 enemies who have been revealed by your Sky Plane, H.A.R.P., or Field Mic

Pretty self explanatory. If you have the Gearhead perk you should receive your Field Mic quicker and complete this challenge quicker. Make sure to place the Field Mic next to where you both spawn.

Tip! – Even though you’ll be using a Field Mic as well as the Gearhead Perk to get 2 of them and earn them after it’s still worth using having Spy Plane, H.A.R.P. as your scorestreaks to gain some extra XP for each kill you get while they’re active.

As you will both be taking turns getting 2 kills and then letter the other player kill you 2 times (getting 25 kills with assassin perk and stopping a player on a kill streak) you may want to look into weapon challenges that would suit these criteria such as:

- “Get X Headshot medals” – As you’re both spawning in the same spot you can easily have your gun ready pointing as the other player’s head when they spawn.

- “Kill X enemies detected, stunned or blinded by your scorestreaks, equipment or field upgrade in multiplayer” - this one should automatically happen as soon as you use a Spy Plane, H.A.R.P., or Field Mic to complete “Intel – Field Reconnaissance”.

- “Kill X enemies at point blank range” – Kind of self explanatory, as the player getting the 2 kills have your gun close to where the other player will spawn to get easy point blank kills.

- “Kill 2 or more enemies rapidly X times” – To achieve this the player which is gets shot needs to press X / as soon as they die to skill the kill cam so they spawn quicker making it possible for the other player to get a “double kill” medal

- “Get 5 kills while holding your breath” – Another self-explanatory one but still worth thinking about if working on your sniper rifles

- “Get X one shot, one kill medals”

- “Get 2 kills without dying X times with all kills coming from launcher” – This is a useful one to do as this challenge can be time consuming in a normal public match. If you were to do this challenge you shouldn’t be firing your rockets as a newly spawned player has a short protection time from rockets but also because you and the other player would have placed down your Field Mics so you don’t want to accidently destroy them. Instead, you can just melee kill the other player with your launcher and it’ll count the same as if you’d killed them with a rocket. It takes two melee hits to get a kill.

- “Destroy X ground-based scorestreaks” (Launcher) – If you’re going to use your launcher to get the kills you might as well ask the other player to put on the sentry gun as their third scorestreak which they could then put down facing away from you, so you can easily shoot it with your rockets

- “Destroy X arial scorestreaks” (Launcher) – As above if you’re working on launcher kills you may as well work on this challenge. By the time the other player has earned their Spy Plane they should have earned their Field Mic. So the Spy Plane isn’t needed to complete the “Intel – Field Reconnaissance” challenge so you can shoot them down.

- “Destroy 3 scorestreaks in a single game X times” (Launcher) – If you’re doing the two above challenges this should be easy to achieve.

- “Get X backstabber medals (kill from behind)” (Melee) – Easy to do just stand behind where the player will spawn and you should rack up back stabber medals for your melee weapon easily.

- “Execute X finishing moves” (Melee) – Same as above

- “Kill X enemies while injured” (Melee) – Have the other player shoot you in the foot / leg to lower your health then kill them with your melee weapon.

- “Get X kills while sliding” (Melee) – Again easily done with spawn kills

- “Get X kills with the (Melee) against enemies disoriented by your smoke, flash, or stun grenades” – Easily done with a smoke grenades as you can get multiple kills with one smoke grenade as you can throw it where they’re going to spawn.

If you’re looking to get more XP while doing this check your daily challenges, operator challenges, multiplayer challenges and season challenges to score some easy XP if any of them are related to the class you’re going to use.
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