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  1. x IFRESH iZ iLL

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    I'm sorry nubble because you prob gonna close thread cause idk were to post if u could just answer question I would be very happy and THn can close. Okay my question is I just like 2 minutes ago got my 4 bar. How long till I get a star I am standbying and zonealarming so on an average how many wins on wingman or elimination do u think till I get a star??? Once avian idk were to post this so sorry once again

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    This probably belongs here ->http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/gow2-bridging/118292-need-bridging-help-post-here.html or in the general discussion, but since it has to do with bridging, I would have posted it there. To answer your question, it depends on what ranks you vs and how many losses you have. If you have barely any losses, it shouldn't take that much time at all.

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