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Quick 50 in Team Slayer

7S Travisty

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Im looking for people who play like a team, ive yet to lose a game in Team slayer and i get 15-27 kills per game and only 5 deaths max. my GT is Blithco Im looking for people who are gonna actually play as a team instead of betraying eachother over a sniper someone else could use 3x better than you (Im terrible with sniper, I prefer Turrets, BR, Dual spikers, AR and Bruteshot)if interested text me Ill be doing this in about 2 hours.

I run a Squad we call it Delta the squad is part of a clan called bXmB which stands for Bring Xbox Mods Back, I found this clan so that people can find Modders who are legit and dont F/ck ppl out of their account, ppl like that are what give modders a bad name.
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