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Hi everyone I have a few questions about KV's. Here they are below:
  1. Can your KV be banned while you are online with it? I know that KV's get banned but is it something that can happen while being online? (I know that you must have a stealth server or you will be instabanned).
  2. (This has to also do with question #1) If you can get banned while online, and if your signed in to your main account (which has Xbox Live Gold), will that account be banned along with the console? (E.g. Lets says I download my main account I use for Xbox One to play on my RGH. I boot up some BO2 and my KV ends up getting banned. Will my main account be banned from that and should I stay away from using my main account on the console?
  3. What causes your KV to get banned the fastest? (Modding in Public Matches, etc..?)
  4. How do I avoid someone stealing my KV?
Thank you guys!


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  1. Your KV can be banned at any moment after you connect to Xbox Live with it for the first time. Whether you are online or offline.
  2. If your KV is banned while you're online, you will not get disconnected until your console sends the challenge again (when you dashboard/switch accounts, for example).
  3. KVs get "flagged" based on the response that your stealth server is sending back to MS. If the response is not proper, your KV is flagged, and will eventually get banned. I'm not entirely sure how the flagging process works. You can also get console banned because of people constantly reporting you.
  4. Don't use suspicious tools; verify authenticity.
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