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  1. DarkLord0912

    DarkLord0912 Newbie

    Okay I was thinking about hot swaping my xbox to fix error 21:.(

    I have the required programs such as: xboxhdm v1.9,xplorer 360 orginal M$ Dash:thumbup:

    I have put the M$ Dash info in the C folder burned the image and the info to a CD-R:cool:

    I think all that left is tho hot swap:rolleyes:

    My question however is:? Is there another way of hot swaping to fix my problem, I was reading some where that you can put your CD u made in your xbox and do it<_<

    Another question I need to find out, Do I plug my xbox HD into the 2nd slot on my ide cable, or the primary one, someone also told me if I plug it into the 2nd slot to set my xbox to slave?? How do you do that?

    Last but not least... Will CD-R CD I made work? And when I pause the computer during the booting process does the cd go in the computer or the xbox?

    To explain all this I thought I had it all figured out but:cursing: But then I read other post that tell people to do other things and other methods of what to do and what to do with the cd?? Is mine the best and easiest way... is it right or do u suggest another way:cursing::cursing:
  2. NicksMods

    NicksMods Enthusiast

    you seem to have some trouble with you hotswaps i know some that should beable to help you.
  3. feudalnate

    feudalnate Banned VIP


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