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Discussion in 'Computer Hardware & Builds' started by gk911turbo, Dec 17, 2008 with 1 replies and 118 views.

  1. gk911turbo

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    I am getting a new Mac Pro in about a year and was wondering if anyone had any tips on what aftermarket parts I should put in it and if there is any place to get a custom Mac case as I'm not too fond of the standard case.

    I have a limited budget and I'm not wanting to do anything crazy like water cool it but I am planning on using this computer for the professional graphic design world so I want it to be a kick *** computer and look really sleek

  2. Michael Allison

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    I'm pretty sure that a motherboard from a Mac doesn't have any major differences from a normal one... just buy any cool case you'd like.

    As for most aftermarket parts, just wait and see if you think something needs to be replaced. If nothing functions at a lower-than-expected rate, then you're good to go.

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