Mod Menu [Q] Should i release my Bo2 Zombies Mod Menu Creator?

Should i release my Base maker?

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  • No

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My Mod Menu Creator is very good tbh

it makes base really quickly lets you customize as you wish

This helps you newbies learn to make bases or any of you to make bases quickly without having to goto google?

This is made from research from Smokey xKovx

I thought id release since the one and only multi tool has been down and not working.
- which is by smokey kov

Just let me know and ill post :smile:



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Stuff like this is a release thing where you release it and if it gets somewhere well done if it doesn't then at least people can still use it.

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Yes I am looking four new mod tool that server does not see them that all and does work and you do not make money out tools you do four free. Mod tools put you on server no one fixing or working on and your tool tell when some one coming and tool turn off by them self On pc call of duty black ops 2 zombie.they have to work with port open to game. I have see mod on pc call of duty black ops 2 zombie but they not rank you up. They just playing game share guns and open stuff and playing game. I am looking to doing it four free because they can not do any because your sharing with other player fare.make your tools so does not touch real money and does not pc checkout Engineer money and does not take any one els account and your mod tool got to more one call of duty game and other game and it has been new not old.i would like set your mod tool on old game of call of duty black ops 2 zombie or can send me link to download them.
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