PSP freezes while loading Iso/cso

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    First of all, and since this is my first post in this comunnity i would like to congratulate each and everyone that contributes for this huge site... fantastic.. really one of the bests... welll.. maybe the best :smile:

    Introdutions apart im having a "little" problem with my PSP... ill try to explain step by step what ive done... and i would like to know if someone could give a hand... lets got to the facts:

    - I had a PSP Slim 3.80 and the UMD drive was wrecked.. she works but doesnt read any of my UMDs... so... i decided to make a little upgrade on her...
    - Ive changed the firmware with the Magic Stick and the Pandora for the version 3.71 M33
    - then i used the Hellcats Recovery Flasher and upgraded the version to 5.00 M33
    - After all that i went to the M33 recovery menu and changed to "M33 driver - no UMD" (in the PSP main menu i also disabled the UMD read options)

    With these steps i thought that i coud see movies, play music and some games.. and indeed i can play music and videos... but regarding the games... errr... most of the times (90% of the times) when i choose the Memory Stick... i see the game but when i start it freezes on the PSP display just before the game begins... what can i do???
    Im guessing that the problem its the UMD drive... could it be? I read many things and honestly my head its kinda bursting with this thing! Can I Disable the UMD??
    I really dont like to give up... and i really would apreciate some (any) help...

    Many thanks in advance for any answer!


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