Tutorial PSP - 6.61 Infinity Hybrid CFW (Perma Patch for LME & PRO CFW)

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    Developer Davee finally released his permanent 6.61 infinity cfw that he had been working on the past few months

    Last time we had something like this was on firmware 6.20 so enjoy everyone :smile:

    Full Tutorial on How to install (Credits to The Zett for the Video)

    Downloads Needed to Install

    OFW Files:

    631-X000: [Click here to view the link]
    661-X000: [Click here to view the link]
    631PSPgo: [Click here to view the link]
    661PSPgo: [Click here to view the link]

    CFW Files:

    6.61 LME-2.3: [Click here to view the link]
    6.61 PRO-C2q: [Click here to view the link]
    Chronoswitch v7: https://www.lolhax.org/davee/psp/chro...



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