PSP 2001 Modification

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    I have been reading guides and seeing pictures of how this is done for a while. I'm finally attempting to do it,and I have no clue what I did wrong. I backed-up the memory stick (4 gig), formatted it, and then turned it into a magic stick (supposedly) using the PSP Grader V006. I put all the files exactly where all the guides said to. With the magic stick in hand I pandorad the battery PSP-S110 by cutting the lead from the IC04 chip near the 4th pin right next to the 19. Put the stick into the psp, put the pandorad battery into the psp whial holding up as instructed, and nothing happened. I powered it on and it worked like usual, everything. I tried making sure the connection was severed by cutting all the way through the board at the connection, and still a no go. Tried a new way of making a pandora stick, still just acting like normal. I then decided to remove the 4th pin from both sides as another guide said to do that. Still acting like normal. Another guide said remove the 1st pin, so i tried that. It's still a normal psp and I cannot manage to mod, or even brick it. Shouldn't it have atleast done something when I removed 4 connections? What elce can I try? What could the problem be? Any input on the matter would be greatly appriciated.