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Why should I believe you if you don't even try to back it up? And of course you won't be posting anymore lmao. It's dumb people keep these glitches private.
Lol... I even know how to merge the Mtl dune.
you can actually do it like the arcade glitch for duping but instead using the rc. Its real simple and surprised it isn’t posted.


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But also, don't press them too fast. You can try out different timings.

I don't do it REALLY fast and it works (most of the time)


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Normally I don't have problems with timing glitches but this one is the first one I'm struggling big time, it takes me literally 30 tries for 1 merge


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Fyi. On step 11 of current working method, u do not have to start a mission to get out of continuous run mode. Just go into first person and press both sticks in to activate an emote. Exit first person and fo get car to save it.

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  • Bunker
  • Arena
  • RC Bandito
  1. Spawn in bunker.
  2. Go to arena.
  3. Take car you want parts on in arena.
  4. Exit the vehicle.
  5. Right D-Pad RC.
  6. Exit RC mod menu.
  7. Get back in Car.
  8. Hold pause and a half of a second after releasing it press Left D-Pad. The timing is very tricky.
    • If you go back to the garage you hit it too early.
    • If you get out of the car and the pause menu comes up you hit it too late.
    • It may take several attempts to hit it.
  9. When done correctly the cutscene returning to the garage will stop and pause menu will be up.
  10. Exit pause and your character will run continuously.
  11. Through your phone open and start a Gerald job.
  12. Exit the job at the settings screen.
  13. The car will have taken the mods.
  14. Go back into the mod shop with the car and change or buy mods to save it.
  • Own a Bunker.
  • Own an Arena with all Mechanics.
  • Own a Modded RC Bandito.
  • Have a Gerald/Simeon/Martin(Old) Job available.
  1. Have Car you want merged in your Arena.
  2. Spawn in or Enter then exit your Bunker.
  3. Call Gerald/Simeón/Martin(Old) to have a job available.
  4. Travel to your Arena workshop.
  5. Enter the workshop level.
  6. Get in the vehicle you want modded and press right D-Pad to enter the Mod Shop.
  7. Exit the vehicle.
  8. Go to RC Bandito and press right D-Pad to enter the Mod Menu.
  9. Back out of the RC Mod Menu.
  10. Get back in the vehicle.
  11. Get your Gerald/Simeón/Martin job ready on your phone.
  12. Press and hold Pause.
  13. As you release Pause press A/X to accept the job simultaneously.
  14. You should hear the job “click” as the pause menu comes up.
  15. Exit the pause menu and spam Left D-Pad.
  16. You will see the vehicle return to the garage with the Mods.
  17. Back out of the job.
  18. Enter the vehicle and press right D-Pad to enter the mod shop.
  19. Purchase anything to save the Mods.
  20. Done!
This Glitch produces dirty plates If you do not have custom plates on the RC Bandito.

  1. set spawn location to bunker
  2. exit bunker head to arena workshop
  3. drive car into workshop
  4. exit car walk to bandito
  5. enter bandito menu, then exit bandito menu
  6. get back in car
  7. pause game, start invalid job
  8. spam left d-pad
  9. youre now merged. to save it hit right d-pad to re-enter workshop, change something on the car
PS4 invalid Job:
Xbox one invalid job:
Work around steps:
  1. Take the car you wish to transfer mods from into the workshop.
  2. Exit the vehicle
  3. Walk past the bandito and press right d pad as you are walking. (You will know it worked if your character spins around and faces the bandito but you have no workshop menu. If you are familiar with the other way of being in first person as shown on many videos, do that.)
  4. Now re enter the car and change something on it like armor, (you can also check you have hit this glitch by backing out and you should only have one option - exit workshop- not three as you usually do but don't press it otherwise you have to start over.)
  5. Once you have changed something on the car you go to sell, now actually sell the car and you will be on a black screen.
  6. Now find a recent activity on your PlayStation home screen that let's you "start gta online"
  7. Xbox users join someone in a different targeting mode. Accept the first alert and decline the second.
  8. Now press start gta online and decline that alert.
  9. Now enter any car that is in the same garage and hit gas to drive out.

Your car has now merged. Take it back in and change the plate text or something cheap to save it.

  • Arena Workshop
  • RC Bandito
  • A vehicle with mods you want to copy
  • A vehicle you want to merge the mods onto
  • Any friend in an online session.
  • To merge the RC you will need a friend in the same session that owns an arena.
  1. Take bennys or modded car in arena workshop/ Exit the vehicle.
  2. Walk over to RC & have the right dpad option up.
  3. Go in 1st person view/ Turn to your right & face the blue light in your arena garage.
  4. Walk back & forward just to find the limit of the right dpad option (you want it showing but move an inch and it will disappear= perfect).
  5. Now push the left analog stick forward, press A & right dpad all at the same time (lol).
  6. You should spin round, do a little 360 and be facing the RC with no mod menu up.
  7. Jump back in the car/ change 1 item (brakes or armour).
  8. Press pause/ join a random friend off the friends list/ decline the 2nd alert.
  9. Drop the pause menu/ Press Y and exit the car, then get in the car you want the mods transferred too.
  10. Drive outside & exit the car- Done.

Merge Vehicle to RC (Add Benny’s etc.)

  1. After step 9 above, walk up to the bandito so you have right dpad option up.
  2. Accept an invite to your friends arena.
  3. Done (mods from the car will transfer to the rc)
  4. Yeah it’s that easy, enjoy :smile:
Here's an easier way to think about liveries.

It's pretty simple once you get it. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm also trying to understand this.

Every vehicle has ONE "livery number" selected for it, like 31, or 25... just a number. This gets saved on the vehicle when you select a livery in the mod shop. Each livery option corresponds to a number - depending on the vehicle.

Each vehicle has a different "map" of the liveries it can have, from number -> texture. The number is saved on the vehicle, and transfers (as the same number) when merged over to another vehicle. Then the new / target vehicle will then use it's own "map" to show a texture depending on that number.

For the list of vehicles that OP calls "set 1", there happens to be the exact same values for number/texture 22-41. Again, this is the following vehicles:

aa trailer
dune fav
insurgent pickup custom
technical custom
weaponized tampa

And the map for those vehicles is:
(initial 21 skipped - varies per vehicle)

22- skulls
23- knuckle duster
24- bully
25- rockstar
26- red tartan
27- galaxy
28- christmas camo
29- candy canes
30- snowflake
31- mistletoe
32- pink & green camo
33- yellow & blue camo
34- orange shade camo
35- blue & green camo
36- hunting camo
37- blue tartan
38- santo capra coins
39- sessanta nove monogram
40- sessanta nove multi-color
41- dolla dolla

Then there is the special case for these two:
comet safari

...which only have these:
(initial 21 skipped - varies per vehicle)

22- skulls
23- knuckle duster
24- bully
25- rockstar
26- red tartan
27- galaxy
28- christmas camo
29- candy canes
30- snowflake
31- mistletoe

Finally, we have the "set 2" vehicles:
mule custom
oppressor mk2
patriot stretch
pounder custom
speedo custom

which have the following map:
22- pink & green camo
23- yellow & blue camo
24- orange shade camo
25- blue & green camo
26- hunting camo
27- blue tartan
28- santo capra coins
29- sessanta nove monogram
30- sessanta nove multi-color
31- dolla dolla

Now here comes the trick. The "Hotring Sabre" car has the following map:
..(first 21 numbers skipped)..
22: "34 Cover Up Paints"
23: "43 Rainé"
24: "20 Meinmacht"
25: "25 eCola"
26: "22 Auto Exotic"
27: "29 Weazel Network"
28: "16 Burger Shot"
29: "45 Sprunk X-treme"
30: "61 Ragga Rum"
31: "5 Power Metal"

First, don't worry about the number in the name for the hotring. For example, the "5" in "5 Power Metal". That's just the painted number on the car. Forget about it.

The trick is that you can actually select any number up to 31 in the mod shop for this particular car. So you get to pick numbers 22-31 and can save it to the car. The number can then be merged to any other car. And a different livery will be shown - depending on that vehicles map, as written above.

What about numbers 32 - 41 then?
You need a vehicle with that number saved to it already. Then you could merge it to another vehicle. You could have a car with a number 35 livery from a previous glitch, for example. Or from a special (official) unlock from rockstar during an event week, or preordering RDR2, for example. Exactly HOW you got a vehicle with value 32-41 is out of the scope for this post. I don't know of any ways to do it NOW without having a car already.

  • Skulls texture on Ardent: Select the livery number 22 (named "34 Cover Up Paints") on Hotring sabre. Use it as donor car.
  • Skulls texture on Menacer: Not possible, it's not listed in its' map.
  • Dolla dolla on Patriot: Use livery number 31 (named "5 Power Metal") on hotring sabre, then use it as donor.
  • Dolla dolla on Weaponized Tampa: Use a vehicle that already has "dolla dolla" and is in the "set 1" list, or any vehicle that you know has livery number 41. You need to get a car from GCTF or already have it!

Helpful Links:
Crew Matte Pearl Texture Arena on
Arena War Vehicles.

Setting up a Donor Vehicles with Secret gold interiors.

Merge a Bandito to another Vehicle.

Merging special vehicles

Merging the Anti Aircraft trailer

This Weeks Vehicle in Legendary Motorsports: Overflod Imorgon, Sports

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Anyone else having difficulty using the Start Button/left D-pad method to work with the Zhaba? I can merge other cars no problem, but with the Zhaba I end up getting a black screen and then spawn outside, I'm wondering if it is because of the longer animation of exiting the vehicle....


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Anyone else having difficulty using the Start Button/left D-pad method to work with the Zhaba? I can merge other cars no problem, but with the Zhaba I end up getting a black screen and then spawn outside, I'm wondering if it is because of the longer animation of exiting the vehicle....
It's due to the animation, have a friend in a different targeting mode
Once on the black screen join friend in different targeting mode and accept first alert and decline second and the Zhaba will be merged when u get out of black screen, then just take it in the mod shop and change something.


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Is this patched? Just been trying it for a hour I hit the release options left dpad part and I just go back to storage with the vehicle
Not patched. Your timing is off. Think of it this way. As your finger comes off options your dpad must go down. Its like those old roman scales, they move fluid.


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anyone else having issues with merging on PS4? was working fine till this morning, cant merge any cars now but can still set it up for merges.


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I agree, I was negative when I wrote it. Didn't exactly have the greatest day there... As such, I apologize for the negativity.

Regardless, the reason I wrote it is because I've seen a great amount of "new" accounts that say they've done an undiscovered glitch, just to show off.

With that being said, I've attempted a handful of methods that is linked to the old glitch, where you manage to quit the arena menu with a different targeting mode. Tried other alerts, inavlid job, controller disconnect, among others - I don't know what does it.
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