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Unsolved PS4 Jailbreak (Backup HDD)


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So I found out this morning about the ps4 Jailbreak. Now before ai get started there is one thing I would like to know. I intend to setup the jailbreak on another harddrive. I understand that the jailbreak is installed to the ps4 by firmware. What I want to know is, if I ever want to return to original firmware to remove the Jailbreak and be on the latest firmware will I be able to put in my cirrent harddrive ( the one containing my psn profile and games and stuff) and update without a problem?

I am simply unsure if inserting a ps4 harddrive that was last used on an older system firmware will cause any problems. I don't want to get that far one day and then be told I must format the drive and lose my saves, games and stuff.


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If you remove the hard drive and decide to put it in a different console, it'll force you to format it completely before launching the playstation.
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