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Working [PS4] Include your online character in Survival job photos (and hopefully more) - HELP!

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[PS4] Include your online character in Survival job photos (and hopefully more) - HELP!

Been sitting on this for last few months, (PS4 but assume it'll work on other platforms). Made a wee discovery last night and thought I'd see if the hivemind on here can help take this further. If not, then I suppose the photo part is kinda fun but nothing particularly game changing. I had been too busy fooling around with RC to Car and making silly jobs in Creator over last few months to try to achieve what I managed with it last night. Had kinda forgotten about this if I'm honest. If this has been around forever and the veteran creator users are aware, let me know of course. I'm a day one player but only came back regularly during lockdown. Been out of the loop for a couple of years.
Step 1 - Go to Creator from online so your character is the one testing jobs.
Step 2 - Make a survival job where your character can be killed (you're normally invincible) during the spawn point "preview and test" (see text below steps for details)
Step 3 - Have your character killed in the test. You will be stuck on a black screen with loading circle at bottom right.
Step 4 - Go to PS dash and attempt to join a player in different targeting mode then return to game.
Step 5 - Accept first screen, this will return you to creator. Then decline the target mode change screen/option.
Step 6 - You should be back in creator with your character glitched out in air. You can now include them in photo.
  • I can share the latest job I made that led to the discovery last night (the target mode part to get online character glitched out - had only managed with default character beforehand), but I'm not here to self promote. I'll share URL if asked. My job (of which I've made a few with similar props/configuration,) is contained withing a stunt tube with rotating gate. The tube is placed vertically and a large flat platform placed horizontally just under the rotating gate. Then I placed a wall of small transformers (machinery category) at one side and have the NPC's spawn in in the air and all around inside. NPC's are then crushed into the wall of transformers by the rotating gate and electrocuted at same time. As long as the gate can force you into the wall of transformers as well, you're good. I'm sure killing your character in the spawn point test can be achieved in many ways but this was my method. Job was not made for this glitch, it was a by-product I discovered making a similar job prior to this one.
Nothing may come of this of course but I had dreams of a creator to MP glitch or similar lol. If steps are done with default creator character instead, there's no need for the target mode step as game will return from black screen after a short while on it's own. Same end result with flying character etc.
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