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Tutorial [PS4/Guide/All] How To Prevent "Missing" Apps After Rebuilding Database

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J3LLy In The Mist

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I've made this tutorial for anyone who has recently run a Rebuild Database on their PS4 and is now wondering where their Homebrew and Apps are gone (fpkgs). I've seen a few people ask about this but not much support available or threads being made. The aim is to explain what's happened and how to prevent it happening again.

What Happens:

When you rebuild the database on a PS4 with fpkgs installed all your non-retail apps are essentially hidden. The reason for this is that you always need to be running your HEN on your console to use an fpkg but running a database rebuild is always done in normal mode, because of this the system skips over these packages which will then prevent them from showing on the homescreen (they are still installed however). Retail/legit games are unaffected.

If you are here because of the above reason you need to consider these things before carrying on:

  • If you've rebuilt the database already you're going to need to reinstall your fpkgs
  • Some users report the space is still taken up after the reinstallation of fpkgs so Initializing the PS4 may be needed. As far as I know you can not recover your saves if you go down this path, if someone knows different please let me know.
If you're happy with everything so far carry on below.

Prevention & Recovery:
Taking A Backup
A lot of users set up a Exploit Host for ease of use, look there first for a backup option before continuing, this will backup your User Data, Save Games and App.db speeding up the process if the developer of the Exploit Menu has added it. If not continue on to the next part of this guide.

By simply taking a backup of three files on your console before and after installing a new fpkg you can prevent this issue from occuring even if you do rebuild the database. This will not only save you time but also space as you will not need to keep all your fpkgs to hand if this does happen. To do this you'll need to have the following:

  • A FTP client for your PC
  • A FTP Payload for your PS4
Once you've setup the FTP connection between your PC/PS4 you'll need to navigate to the following directory on the PS4.

Once here you need to find the following files and back them up to your PC.

  • app.db
  • appcont.db
  • av_content_bg.db
You will need to do this everytime after installing a package to be 100% safe, re-adding the files to that directory if something goes wrong. This does not include backing up your save files, separate tutorials for that can be found on this site or YouTube.

"Missing" Applications

If you have ran into this issue without a backup of your app.db you're not completely out of options. To fix this problem choose which situation you're in below and follow the steps.

I still have my fpkgs:
  • Plug in your USB with your fpkgs on the root directory like normal
  • Run a HEN payload
  • Go to: Settings/Debug Settings/Game/Package Installer
  • Press Install All
The console should start reinstalling your apps, prompting you to confirm each overwrite as it already exists on the HDD, press yes. (Add-ons will just install without a overwrite confirmation, this may not delete the old fpkg though). Your save files should be unaffected doing this so you shouldn't need to restore them from a backup.

If you run into the issue where you either run out of space during the first install or the console shows that the "missing" files are still taking up space go to the next option.

I don't have my fpkgs (or I ran out of space on the first overwrite):

You will lose all data (including Saves & Trophies) if you follow this path (even when taking a backup), only do this as a last resort.
  • Disconnect the PS4 from the internet
  • Initialize the PS4 (but don't update the system software)
  • Reconfigure your DNS to block updates (Optional)
  • Setup your Exploit Kit again (Optional)
From there you can just redownload your packages on your PC and reinstall them or reinstall them from USB if they're already there.

I hope this guide helps some of you who have ran into this problem! I'm not taking credit for anything here, all I did was collect a bunch of different information across the web and compiled it all here for anyone else to use.

If you need any help or have a question comment or DM me on here and I'll be happy to assist :smile:


  • Corrected information stating that your save data can be restored after initializing the PS4, it cannot.
  • Added information about the Backup option available on some Exploit Hosts.
  • Added "av_content_bg.db" to the list of files that need backing up.
  • Added clarification on overwriting Add-Ons when reinstalling your fpkgs (without initializing first).
  • Corrected multiple spelling mistakes.
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Thanks for the info trying to rebuild the ps4 so many times using this blog official blog but is not working
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