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On a PS4, once a game is installed to the internal hard disk, I understand that there is some layer of authentication required to play the game (disc-based games need the blu ray, network-based games need authentication by the PSN). If someone were to find a way to remove this authentication layer by modifying the game on the hard drive, is there some check that would catch this? For example, a checksum or other hash-based approach to determine that the game binary has been modified - either an ad-hoc check from the game developer or something initiated by Sony themselves that is baked into Orbis in some way?



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Even if a game is created without keys it still needs keys to work such as FPKG games which set the keys to all 0s (even saves can't be set them to blank without it asking for higher permissions [ with no known issues from games at the moment]). I heard there was an app that removed syskey/sealedkey 12 (don't quote me on the name I haven't seen anything about it in a while) this would enable you to use games without activating HEN. Don't really expect much info until a full SAMU dump is released since it deals with all keys Users/Games/System/Saves. If you would like to decrypt a game the best methods are App2USB or by attaching ftp and downloading the game (app.pkg) via disk.
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