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Tutorial [PS4/1.76] How to Fix CE-32875-5 Error Fix (ShellCore Patch) by WildCard

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It seems that some users have been running into issues with their 1.76 PS4 Consoles that wouldn't let them run games. If this has happen to you, this tutorial should fix it

To roughly Quote eXtreme's Post: PS4 1.76 CE-32875-5 Fix – ShellCore Patch by Wildcard


Download: [Click here to view this link]

Developer @Wildcard has found a solution to fix the error CE-32875-5 on Firmware 1.76.

Not many PS4 consoles are affected by this error but if you have a 1.76 PS4 and can't run any game, you can use the ShellCore Patch from Wildcard to fix the error temporary. You have to send the file after every restart with ELF Loader before you can launch the game.

Use the local Playground if you have trouble with the ELF Loader of the Custom WebKit Playground.
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