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Tutorial Ps3 Update loop Error 8002F1F0 Fix

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So Recently a console came in and I downgraded it and after downgrading I had to install a Cfw Of some sort so I always put any console I get on Rogero 4.50 so to do that you have to go to Rogero 3.55 downgrader. After getting Downgrader installed I toggled QA and put 3.55 OFW on the USB Now I noticed that the ps3 said on the top Unknown USB Device connected. Witch was odd So I tried Installing 3.55 and it decided to loop the update So the only fix was wiping the hard drive. after doing so it still continued. So the issue is the BTN Witch is the Wireless Blue tooth device It can only be removed with a rework station. Now to bypass this all we need to do is install a CFW with Lv2 checks disabled so here's how we do it.

1. Install Rogero 3.55 Downgrader.

2. Toggle QA (Wait till you hear it beep)

3. Download Rogero 4.30 v2 LV2

4. Install it Now you wont get stuck in a loop after installing it.

5. if no issues happen Just install Rogero 4.50 or what ever Cex CFW you use.

6. You have Now bypassed the Ps3 8002F1F0 error Enjoy



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Maybe this will help me with my issue? I had a Phat on 3.41 ofw. I installed Rogero 3.55 to jailbreak. With jailbreak complete, I installed Rogero 4.55 cfw. I then went to install 4.66 spoofer, but the file doesn't show up in the *Install Packages* folder. So I held triangle to install all files, but get error 8002AE32. Any ideas?

Also, I believe the error you mentioned comes up if I click on the *app* file above *Install Packages*.
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