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Unsolved PS3 IHS Removal Advice

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I have a fat PS3 CECHC02 60GB its already getting temps of about 49 C at idle in a warm room and 43 C at idle in a cold room with 30% fan and while gaming the temps are not a great higher, I have cutout a hole in the bottom for the fan and made the holes bigger on the sides to increase airflow out and its got new Noctua thermal paste and so far its doing a great job but now I have to decide if I should risk damaging the motherboard or CPU die taking the IHS of the CPU/GPU, would it be worth the risk doing this or is the gains minimal? What I saw of the original old thermal paste makes me wonder if I would also be safeguarding the life of the CPU and GPU by changing the thermal paste under the IHS's or can they last the way there are for the life of the whole PS3 with what Sony put on them?

I have a PS3 motherboard to practice on because it has the YLOD but its a CECHH02, is the component layout under the IHS the same for CECHC02 and CECHH02?

If its definitely worth taking the IHS off I need a good recommendation for a tool like the IHSBuster but I cant find the IHSBuster online anywhere and for me a first time removing an IHS I will need something to grip because I dont think I can use a razor blade or a modded nail file.


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Temperatures are normal. No need to delid. Capacitors what causes ylod. Delid is high risk. GPU is not that much, but CPU is very. Don't bother, since temperature are Ok.
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