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Question PS3 FAT CECHG03 40GB



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HELLO ! I recently bought a ps3 fat (CECHG03) from a pawn shop, I didn't pay much attention to the details when I bought it, when I got home I modded it with HFW HEN 4.90 (I can't mod it with cfw because it doesn't have a controller original and I can't access safe mode)

I installed webman MOD for 4.90. and I saw 82-86 Celsius on CPU and 60-70C for RSX. I took it apart and changed the paste with Phobya NanoGrease Extreme aaaand mostly nothing, its a difference,i guess or so it seems to me. Then i set the fan in webman to 45-50% but its too loud, the temp avg is 62rsx with 70-75C CELL.

I contacted the pawnshop for the return, but they told me that it is not possible.

1.Exist a solution, or CELL dying? other solution than Delid CELL and RSX.

2.if the delid is only solution. i can mount the cooler without putting back the IHS, without problems ?problems like too much space between Radiator and die chip

I think that the heat must pass through the paste between the chip and the IHS and then through the IHS to then reach the second layer of the paste and only then to the radiator.

3.Did someone try to DELID with TOOTH FLOSS and hair dryer ?

Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understood what I wanted to say!
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