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Unsolved PS3 built into a PC case (Modding Question)


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I am building my old PS3 slim into a PC case that I have bought just for it (DIYPC J180-W).
I have almost done all the modding I need for this project such as installing the PS3 motherboard into the case and mounting 2 Deepcool CPU coolers on the CPU and GPU of the PS3. Also installed a GIGABYTE P650B 650W PSU. I know its overkill but was just what I had on hand.
Now I am on to trying to mount the PS3 slims Blu-ray drive and I have made my power cable to length but I can not seem to find a Flex ribbon cable long enough that will work with the system. From all my research I have done I do believe I need a FFC ribbon cable with 24 pins and 0.5mm pitch with the connection reversed. Meaning the 24 pins are on opposite sides. Like this…
This is my first time learning about these kind of ribbon cables and connector. I am still trying different things and reading as much as I can on it but would be Great to get a second opinion by someone who knows more about this! Huge Thank you in advance!
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