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Unsolved PS3 black screen after opening any homebrew (REBUG 4.86.1)



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Hi y'all. I recently jailbroken my PS3 CECH2101A with ps3xploit and bg toolbox. Everythings worked good until the loading in-game was very slow...and.. finally...endless loading in GT6. Then I turned off my PS3 and swaped the near brand new 1.5TB HDD by a 256gb SSD. Installed cfw on it and installed all my homebrews but...when I was launching any homebrew...black screen and nothing happends. Tried to change 3 times the hdd/sdd by different ones but nothing. Same issue. I tried the install HFW 4.86.1 and do the entire exploit (everythings was fine in BG toolbox. No error) but nothing...I tried lot of things and searched a lot on the web for an answer but nothing...I'm really desperate...

Maybe a ploblem with the NOR chip that get corrupted ?

Need help pleeeeeease !

PS : I got a E3 NOR flasher if someone have a hardware fix for the NOR
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