Tutorial PS Vita 3.15 VHBL Exploit Game Removed. Release soon.

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    This is directly from www.wololo.net.

    Just a few days after revealing the new exploit game for the firmware 3.15, Space Invaders Extreme, available in most European and the Australian PSN Stores, got removed from said PSN Stores.

    The game was not available in the first place in North America and Asia, but is now also not available in Europe and Australia anymore.

    Space Invaders Extreme – VHBL at Firmware 3.15

    If you happen to have said game at your PS Vita right now, then you are one of a few lucky PS Vita owners that will soon be able to run the PS Vita Half Byte Loader at your device.

    If you did not buy the game, or if you bought it via your PS3, but did not transfer it to your PS Vita yet, then you are out of options, since buying/transfering it is currently not possible.

    Only a PC backup of the game can be transfered to the PS Vita, and only if you made this backup yourself at your device that uses your PSN Account. Sharing it is not only illegal, but it also won’t work, don’t even try it.


    Speaking of it, if you currently have the game installed at your PS Vita, be sure to create a backup of the game via your PC, so you can restore it, in case of losing the game due to whatever reason.

    The files for the PS Vita HBL for firmware 3.15 will be released soon. Meanwhile you can enjoy this showcase of how the exploit actually works.

    It is worth to mention that you have to do the whole ‘options -> load savedata’ thing only once, if not zero times. I did not test it without the ‘options -> load savedata’ at my first run, unfortunally.
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    PSVita, the ultimate GBA/NES/SNES emulator xD. I seriously haven't played any vita games, apart from golden abyss, VHBL and eCFW keeps my Vita alive slightly.

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