Problems With Doomsday Act 2 Glitch

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  1. Korruptt

    Korruptt Newbie

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this but im on my phone and wasent sure where to put it

    I use to have no trouble doing the Doomsday Act 2 glitch but recently i do it once giving a freind 1mill and it works but when i do it the 2nd time it resets as if i finished the heist and i have to do all the preps/set ups again, it use to reset maybe every 10-15 times i use to do it but now its 2nd time every time

    1. Is anyone else having this problem? And if so is there a way to fix it?

    2. Ive read online to calibrate GTA after each heist to fix the issue but when i hold down RB+LB during the loading screen it dosent work is it a diffrent button combo for Xbox One then it is for PS4? I couldent find anyone doing it on Xbox One online

    Thanks for your time :smile:
  2. ThatOneStruggler

    ThatOneStruggler Newbie

    It's just depends on how quick xbox shuts down gta.
  3. EyeDuDab

    EyeDuDab ...But Those Are All Piping Dreams!

    Look into this.

    Also, I've had good luck on Xbox One with disconnecting the internet option in the settings tab early in the cutscene. Without clearing cache. Acept the disconnect alert, then retick the internet option back on

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