Problem with Getting Videos on iTouch

Discussion in 'iOS Support' started by Destiny, Feb 20, 2009 with 1 replies and 290 views.

  1. Destiny

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    My question is basically what the title says. I am trying to put a couple videos on my iPod Touch 2G and it says that they cannot be played on it. How do i fix that? and also i jailbroke it, downloaded a bunch of apps and then unjailbroke it and the apps wont sync to my iPod now. WTF is up with that?

  2. boom5

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    1st Question - you should convert those videos to the ipod formats to be able to play 'em... you could download any free convectors tool from the internet.
    2ns Question - I never work with a jailbroken ipod, but I could tell you that if the apps you had before should work under specific platform (what ever you loaded into it), Now you unjailbreak it, you should load the regular apple apps that are compatible.

    my 2cents

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