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Unsolved Problem with backups dvds



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Hello everyone
The actual iso backups on my compuer are verified and passes all the checks in agbx360 but when i try to burn them using imgburn it actually complete the burning procces but it stops and gives me on I/O error at exactly 49% or sometimes 50% on some games also agbx360 give me crc check error at the same percentage also the same thing i try to copy the game to the hdd in the acual xbox.
So i looked to imgburn log and i noticed that the error happen when it trys to change to the 2nd layer of the dvd.
So, what i want to know what's wrong with my buring method and how to fix it?
I do use Verbatim dvd+R DL which is very costy and hard to find here so i don't really want to waste any one of them.
Also i've tried every settings i found in the internet but nothing changes and i use the burnermax method.
Games i've tried so far:
*forza hrizon 2 (gives me the i/o error but the gave does boot in the xbox and shows the main menu (i can't pass it because i don't have a controller so far)
*Halo 3 (every thing went right with this one and it didn't give me any errors)
*Red dead redemption (the first disk went right with no errors but 2nd disk gives me 50% I/O error and ive tried it tow times and gives me the same result wich really confuses me)
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This is an image i took when burnig the halo game (if it can somehow help)
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