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probably pointless and already known, but I found interesting....

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Ok I don't know if it's really worth posting this but fi. So I found two little 'features' on the xbox one that is probably nothing more than what it says on the tin. The first one is booting the xbox into a display mode of 640x'w/e'. You do this by holding all 3 touch sensors to turn the xbox on. Why? Idk. The second 'feature' is lighting up the power led when the console is powered down. You do this by bridging the two pads directly above the led once the faceplate has been removed. Why? Probably to test the led at some point during assembly, but, idrk. Sorry for the big block of text, I can't hit enter atm. Anyway be interesting to hear a few opinions on this, but don't feel obliged or anything. peace ✌
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