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Mobile Probable Hack For FUT 14


Val Andy

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So last month(June) I saw more than 50 origin IDs from about 3 or 4 different real persons, since IDs are alike but last digit or letter differs them.(Example: pc1killer1, pc1killer2, pc1killerI, and stuff like that)
This accounts were created from April and May and had a match coins reward of 15 million, and match played being 5-7k on each of them.
Can someone create 10 accounts and play 5-7k matches on each of them?
I calculated a possibility of them earning 1k a match(very much unlikely) multiplied by 7k matches, that's 7 million coins, but this people have 15 million within 2 months of account creation.
All the players in their squad had never scored any damm goal, but they have played over 5k matches lol, their transfer values are over 2 million and they have spent over 40 million on top rated players.
I know people buy packs, but how can one explain 7000k+ matches each on 10 accounts and over 15 million match coins when?
I have played 500 games and won 455, drew 25, and 20, my earnings is at 450k.
Sorry for long thread, but can someone explain how this people won 7000 matches without scoring a goal and earning that chunk of coins? Am really jealous!
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