Prince of Persia WW & TT LAg like crazy.WTF is this??

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    Greetings folks, I recently encountered a rather disturbing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within(& and Two Thrones) phenomenon. The game plays extremely slowly. Say i take a swing of the sword; from the flexing of his arm to a full swing, it'll take like 5mins. Whereas cutscenes, animations(such as the swaying of leaves ona tree) play out flawlessly. So it's only the characters themselves whose animations are messed up. Now before you mention dvd quality or a bad-burn, not only did i burn (@ 2x speed) to verbataim and memorex dvds, i even extrated the iso with qwix directly to the hdd. Yet the probelm still persists.
    I'd appreciate any HELPFUL input on the subject.


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