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Solved Potential car dupe?

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Look at the image above.

I have managed to have my bati bike take the name of my issi ( which you cant normally rename) and now my "OG ISSI" has now got the original future shock name

Im wondering what to do now as the price hasnt changed but it reminds me of when i did the casino glitch and accidentally duped a faggio over my issi (messed the step up) and when i called in my "OG ISSI" it turned up as the bike. Its the same situation.

If you guys think its a possibility ill look back in my recordings to see what i did exactly.

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I’m pretty sure that it’s the space you park the vehicle in that has the name.
If the motorcycle is parked in the spot where the Issi was in the arena that’s why it now has the name.
It will only give you the option to change the name if it’s an Arena War vehicle.
You will now have to push the Bati to another garage with the original Issi or another Arena war vehicle to change the name.
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