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Patched Possible money glitch?



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The pic is the glitched sercure pad and it gives you the option to select one but you cant see them. Also it doesnt kick you out of the aracade when you get it..

Just Let me know if anyone got any ideas or sum

1) start off inside the bunker and pull a car out

2) park the car by the 2nd the last golf cart and have a friend stand by it

3) run over to your aracde and call simion and request a mission from him

4) in the aracde run over to the hacking panel to practice and when you see the optin to click right pull of the phone back out and keep doing about 5 times and then go to the mission on you phone and hit (a) one time and hold the start button and really fast let go of the start button and hit (a) and you should hear the job accept and you should have the start menu

5) go to jobs rockstar created titan of a job and wait there about 7 seconds and back out and spam the **** out of right on the dpad and when it load you in to the other mission just wait about 5 secs and quit out of that and you should spawn back in the aracde with the glitched out optin in the top left side corner and when you walk you should hear it clicking over and over

6) walk over to a car and get in and hit a and asap hit the gas and should be outside on foot

So this is like the old arcade dup glitch but atm i cant figure out how to stop car from despawing inside the buker. I got the glitched out hacking panel in the aracade but when i respawn outside with no car on foot my other car despawns so i wanted to see if this will go anywhere and so if someone can test and maby help and well have anyother solo money glitch
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Car disappear because the job from phone


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It's the bunker.... I heard R* did a patch on it! Any car inside the bunker will disappear when you enter a job, hence why it's been taking so long to find a legit solo work around/ car dupe. ???
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