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Possible Cheesy Method for boosting lobbies when game is out



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I’m pretty sure this is doable, since MW will allow for cross play support why not run multiple instances (more than 1 copy) of the game on PC or if that not possible run an instance in different VM's (Virtual machines). game settings can be set to minimum as you don’t need graphics here.

& then setup a macro for each character so they don’t get kicked in the boosting lobbies. and to top it off maybe get a VPN service provider which allows for more than 1 connection at once for each VM to make it look more legit. (or if instances get a VPN Client app which does Split-Tunneling per app basis) [Use OpenVPN Protocal UDP Based, TCP To Slow]

as for finding private lobbies I have found out with some COD games if you connect via VPN to some country where is like very small player base then disconnect the VPN, the game still thinks you are in that country.
Start VPN in India/Japan --> Start Game & Connect --> Disconnect VPN --> Reconnect in game to server while on your own connection --> game still thinks you are in that region (India/Japan)

i've personaly tested ExpressVPN & NordVPN both are good (From AUS) although will get moderate connection since most VPN's do not allow for port forwarding from their end.
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