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Patched Positioning Triggers in interiors - Advice

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Today i will try to explain the easiest way to position triggers correctly in interiors. Basic interior job building skills are required . If you are new to building jobs in interiors this link should be very helpful.
After you have breached into whichever property and placed a spawn point or checkpoint down and saved it proceed as follows:
Step 1: Stand in the building in an online session, load creator and load your creation. Now place a 2x1 block above where you would like your trigger to be. It needs to be quite high above the floor to place it (Notice how i have used a 2 colour block and lined up where the left green section joins the yellow section directly above where i would like my trigger) Now resave your creation and choose exit to Gta V

Step 2: when in story mode reload creator and load your creation. It should look similar to this

Next using the advanced options you need 2 position another 2x1 in the exact same spot as the 1st one. Do not place it yet just postion it like this

Now carefully lower the Z down until it is just showing above your base level/block, for Maze Tower it is z242. When postioned directly below the 1st block place it

Now delete the higher up block, you may need to use a ramp to be at the right height to delete it. Then delete the ramp if you used one

It should now look like this and i know that i need to place my trigger somewhere along the line where the green box on the left joins the yellow box

Place trigger, resave your creation and choose exit to gta online

When back online load creator and Load your creation to check if your trigger is in the correct place

If its not in the correct postion Reload creator from Story mode and make the necessary adjustments. So long as you stay on the line the trigger will be roughly in the right place. Hope it helps.

EDIT: As of 1.38, the trigger must be place atleast .501 lower than the office floor. So instead of z242 it would need to be around z241.499 or slightly lower
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This is helpful, as I've found it to be a real pain getting my trigger where I want it. Lol. Gonna give it a go after work.
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