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-Randomizes Pokemon Species, their moves, their types, and their abilities
-Randomizes Shadow Pokemon
-Difficulty and Level Scaler
-Works on Intel and AMD Processors (64-bit Operating Systems only - Most likely only on Windows 10)
-Pokemon models occasionally do not sync up with their species properly (This has been remedied for 98% of cases. This rarely ever happens)
-Pokemon icons above their health bars are blanked out and do not sync up
-The moves Roar, Whirlwind, and Baton Pass are not allowed to be randomized to. This is because whenever enemy Pokemon were affected by these moves, they would end up copying their data onto the Pokemon it was switched out to. I excluded those three moves on purpose.
-Munchlax and Bonsly are not available to be encountered via the randomizer.
-For moves like Wish that reference a pokemon's name, the name will not sync up with the pokemon's current species. Name works fine in every other way though.
Pokemon XD Randomizer Downloads: [Click here to view this link]
Pokemon Colosseum Randomizer Downloads: [Click here to view this link]
Download the PDF Manual for these tools:
[Click here to view this link]
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I have a question. Dose it need to be a specific region rom? I cant seem to get it hooked.
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