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    Hey there,
    Im trying to create a lag switch to enjoy with my friends but I may have a problem can anyone help? Ok so my DSL cable runs from downstairs to upstairs into my bedroom. It connects to my Belkin ADSL Modem with High Speed Mode Wireless G Router. This then runs 2 Ethernet cables, one into my PC and one into my xbox. Are you able to run a lag switch on the cable running from my Modem/Router directly to you're xbox? If not I have 2 suggestion that I must ask if they will work.

    1. Connect an ethernet cable (with a lag switch attached) to my computer and bridge the connection with my xbox. So the computer acts as like a second router.

    2. Run an ethernet cable (with a lag switch attached) from my Modem/Router into my ethernet port adaptor and run a second ethernet cable into my xbox. This time the adaptor working as a second router.

    Please will any of these work?
    Thanks alot for reading any help is welcome :smile::smile:
  2. Saiyan

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    Router -> Lagswitch -> Xbox

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