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Unsolved Please help lost all badass rank

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I lost years of bar on borderlands 2 (185k). I'm trying use gdp editor to change it back. I can load it up offline but the second I connect to live it reverts back.

I have tried deleting my profile, earning a badass point before sav/quit, deleted all my saves, the game itself, transfering to the cloud before connecting to live, disabling cloud sav but no matter what I do it always goes back.

Got any ideas? I'm beyond frustrated at this point. Same thing happened about a year ago I had to go through the steps 30 or so times before it magically worked.

I have literally been trying this for the last 4 hours with the same outcome every time.


Taking a break for unknown amount of time...
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After you edit your BAR (elipse,gpd editor) you notice that you can lower rank on comp., but does NOT change when loading from USB to 360to bypass this horrendous issue. Simply load edited GPD from USB to console>clear cloud storage> play OFFLINE until reaching your first badass rank(looting claptraps place at the very beginning) then save and quit! Transfer your GPD from usb to console and THEN go online>upload character to cloud Now when you play handsome jack collection on x1, you will retain your lowered rank
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