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Solved Playing Video Files & Getting Avatar On RGH/JTAG

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The reason RGH's and JTAG's do not play video files, is because you need the optional media update, which can be found here:
[Click here to view this link]
The optional media update requires the avatar update to work, which is why this will fix both video files and the avatar.
Just google for the avatar update based on your dash version.

The optional media update should be a folder named: FFFE07DF inside of this folder will be a folder named: 00000002, inside of this shold be the update.
Put this onto your flash drive, and plug it into your xbox, go to either file manager or xexmenu, on the root of your hard drive locate content then the folder 0000000000000000, and copy the whole FFFE07DF folder into it.
Next your avatar update should be named $systemupdate, rename it to $$ystemupdate, move it to your flash drive then open up xexmenu.
it will automatically tell you an update is required, if you deny it you will be returned to the dashboard, and so on. Just accept it, and congratulations you can watch videos, and have an avatar.
Sorry for the terrible format, but just reply if you have any problems, or need any help, i hope i helped.


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I have Aurora dahboard installed. If I install the system update will the aurora dashboard be erased ? I dont want to flash the console again. And does it work with a fake hard drive? Thank you.
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