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Patched Play MWR online without IW disc (solo)



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First time posting a glitch since having to make a new account, but here's a cheeky one for those who got rid of that wretched IW disc that no one ever played, I haven't seen this method/glitch on here, and I saw a guy post this method a week ago on YouTube comments, but his method is a little bit longer of a process.

UPDATE: You can also play Single player too!

Text tutorial:
  • First you want to create a party on your account, once done, make a second account by switching user.​
  • Then go back to your main account and invite your second account to your party; Go back to second account, accept invite.​
  • From here your second account is longer needed.​
  • Start MWR up on your main account, wait until it starts loading the Activision logo (it should pop up saying insert IW disc, this is fine) wait until you see RAVEN logo and then press your PS button.​

  • Go to party and then press Play together, then host, choose MWR, click start game and send invite.​
  • From here it's a waiting game, it will start loading online in the background whilst showing the insert disc message, just sit and wait about 30 seconds to a minute and that message should disappear off the screen and an error message will pop up on MWR saying error 00... Click online and it should load!​
  • To play campaign, do as you would to load it (come off multiplayer and go to main menu)​

  • Once at main menu insert disc error will appear again, simply press your PS button, join a community, find a "pre-game lobby" you can join and wallah, it will open the main menu for you, then you can click Campaign.​

I didn't find the majority of the glitch but I found something that somewhat saves time from switching accounts again. Plus I bet there's a lot of you that are seeking this said method.

I found the comment from the video here, the dudes name is Leshkantora -
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