PS4 Plants vs Zombies GW2 (Consumables limit) Question


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Is there a limit or a cap on how many consumables you can stockpile in your inventory?

I ask because i have a macro setup that purchases the $7500 sticker pack and then completes a side job. The pack contains consumables and equipment, so i was wondering if i can accidentally spend money on a pack of items even if my inventory fills up?

Will it let me purchase it, or will it say no, im full.

Will it still take my money? Or will it deny me the purchase?

Will it give me coins instead if i cannot earn more consumables from sticker packs?

I have no clue if my inventory is full, near full, or will just keep stacking.

Is there a limit to how many unopened sticker packs you can have as well?
Any advice is greatly appreciated
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