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Unsolved PHAT RGH Experience to Share



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I would like to share my recent experience, especially after having learned so much from all of you.

I had a perfectly fine working falcon.
It was running dash 17511, so I updated in retail to 17599 to get the avatar update out of the way.
I followed the guide here for RGH 1.2, and got my 2 nands dumps and they were the same.
Create my ecc. First I forgot to select Glitch2, so it was created with the default jtag and I wrote it.
I soon after realized my mistake and created and wrote the ecc selecting Glitch 2 this time.

I programmed the coolrunner with timing file 21, than did all the soldering to hook up the coolrunner.
I was sure my soldering was fine, it looked so much better than my previous 3 successful attempts as I have more experience today, yet no boot to xell at all.
I played with just about every single timing file, and nothing would work.
The coolrunner was doing its thing. Solid red light with power applied. A bright green flashing, every few seconds.

Frustrated, I unsoldered everything from the board and the coolrunner.
I flashed by my original nand - I was sure to check Retail.
A section pops up to the side for 'CB' and it listed 0 and no other options. I left it at 0.
I wrote the original nand dump back. Unplugged console to wait 30 secs.
Red lights, error code 0022.

Here is where a light went off in my head.
I had this exact same issue 10 years ago during my first attempt on a jasper.
I had issues with the pll point, and at the time, I didn't think I would be able to resolve.
So I attempted to go back to Retail the same way as I described above.
Exact same issue, red lights 0022.

Now, in both cases I had a working device before I attempted to glitch.
And in both cases, I figured I had no other option but to try again.
So I went back to the falcon and did exact same thing I did 10 years ago on the jasper (I got working by trying the coolrunner again and which still to this day booting RGH1 fine).

On the falcon I re-soldered everything, tweaked wire length and location a bit, then created and wrote the ecc (Glitch2) file.
Guess what, it now Insta-Boots. Grabbed my cpu key, created and wrote the image. All seems fine.

The reason I mention this experience, while I was trying to figure out why my attempts failed I saw lots of posts with folks describing similar experiences.
Issues getting Xell to boot, then attempts to go back to retail resulting in 0022.
Most responses I read would indicate that the board is fried, the CPU went bad, or a bad solder joint etc.

But my experience might indicate that something else is going on here.
Maybe the method to return to retail (I've been using j-runner 0.8) might have some issues?
Are you supposed to manually enter a 'CB' value when you select Retail to write back original nand?
Would my initial ecc creation, forgetting the default jtag setting on, have any negative affect?

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much.


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if you are going back to retail, you shouldn't need to enter a CB value and simply flash the original nand back to the console and desolder the wires.
RROD can be a pain to troubleshoot, sometimes its as simple as the fan shroud not being connected, or something more serious like bridged solder joints.


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Doesnt matter what you ticked because your simply writing the nand dump back and not using jrunner to create anything at that point .
I.e. you can click glitch 2 , load nand dump, click write nand and it will still be stock .


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CB or anything else in Xebuild image settings doesn't effect restoring original nand.

RROD 0022 is the most pain to fix, it can be hardware or software errors.

Happens to me once too with Jasper BB 512MB, turns out the coolrunner clone I used draws too much power so it fried components on V_CPUPLL lines. on my case it damaged PLL voltage regulator near bottom left x-clamps and resistors near PLL point.

on most case I found online it caused by not carefully soldering PLL & CPU RST points.
if you get RROD below 10s it's your CPU failed to initialized so SMC throw 0022 errors. If over 20s second it can be other hardwares damaged from 3.3 & 1.8v lines since CPU_PLL took power from those voltage lines.

Need POST & UART monitoring to determine what caused RROD 0022.

Software errors only happens if you flashing wrong nand image, I tested it by flashing wrong image on working jasper, throw RROD 0022 after 30s.

there's a sign if console get RROD while attempting RGH, with dvd drive not connected the front panel led not flashing.
Working console should flashing the front led if dvd not detected.


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Software errors only happens if you flashing wrong nand image, I tested it by flashing wrong image on working jasper, throw RROD 0022 after 30s.
Thanks for all the replies. This was the exact issue I saw. My attempts to write original nands back resulted in the 0022 error after about 30 secs. Which is confirmation to me that something may be wrong with the process, or my process, of writing back the original nand in both cases I mentioned above. In both cases I had grabbed multiple nand dumps that were the same with no bad blocks, yet both times trying to go back to retail I got the software error. Everything else I write using the nand-x seems to work fine including ecc and glitched images.
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