Pelican Wireless Adapter Disk

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  1. DubU

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    Hello, I've lost my Pelican Wireless Adapter disk, and I was wondering, if anyone else has it could you please zip it and upload it to rapidshare or something ? I really need this.
    Also, don't tell me to hook it up to my computer and mess with the settings, I tried it before, and that's part of why I'm in this situation.
  2. EclipseModz

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    Using Windows XP or Vista:

    Turn off the wireless feature of the PC you will be using to setup the adapter.

    Plug the adapter into your PC's Ethernet port and wait at least 3 minutes for the adapter to boot up before continuing to the next step.

    Select the "Start Menu" icon and click on Control Panel.

    Select "Network and Sharing Center".

    From the left sidebar, select the "Manage Network Connections" option.

    Right click the "Local Network" icon and select the properties option.

    Highlight the IPv4 option and click the properties tab.

    Select the "Use the following IP address" option and enter this IP address:

    Enter the following address for Subnet Mask:

    Enter the following address for Default gateway:

    Press the OK tab and close the "Local Area Connection" window.

    Open the internet browser of your choice and enter in the address or location field.

    If a "Windows Dialogue box" appears, enter Username: "Admin" and leave password blank. If no windows box appeared, continue to next step.

    Make sure the login name is "admin" and enter the word "password" for password.

    Select the WIRELESS SETTINGS tab.

    Go to "Basic Settings" and enter the name of your router or wireless network in the SSID field. (You can press the "Site Survey" button if you are unsure of the name of your network or router)

    Click on APPLY to save the settings.

    Select the SECURITY tab and click on "Encryption Method."

    Enter your network password or security key in the Password field.

    Click APPLY to save the settings.

    Disconnect the adapter from your PC and its power supply.

    Connect the adapter to the power supply and the Xbox 360.

    Once the adapter is connected to the Xbox 360, allow it to "self-setup" for at least 2 minutes.

    You can now go to the system tab of the Xbox 360 dashboard and select NETWORK SETTINGS to test the network connection and make sure you are connected to the Internet.

    Go back to your PC and re-enter the network settings property page.
    Select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and press the OK button.


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