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Patched Pearl on crew color primary for Kuruma

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Lol I dont troll on forums like a child, To do this glitch you may have to be the leader of the crew or just make one just so you can change the crew color easily.
I first set the crew color then applied it to primary, put it back in garage, logged off, changed crew color again, applied to secondary color then did the pearlescent on any type of paint glitch for the primary and when i clicked pearlescent I was able to put pearlescent on my previous crew (primary) color. Again I have not been able to do this on any other car but kuruma and don't know if it was just a one time bug or not. Sry for the confusion.

Can you please put afew instructions up, on what you think is the steps we should follow.

For example;
1. Set primary color to crew
2. Change crew color and wait afew hours for it to change
3. When crew color has changed, select crew color in secondary
4. Then purchase stock headlights
5. Go back to respray and select a pearlesant paint job.

And by doing this it should blend colors.... right?

Just want to get info right, as I tried once and yeah it costs abit ( and I can't afford to try this to much )

Also I have not done the pearlesant glitch before and was looking around.... did you mean the one where you purchase stock headlights then go to pearlesant color ?
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This is the yellow / green. Apparenty its been done before. Not my video:

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