Working [PC][PS4 Using Touchpad]AFK Horse betting

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  1. darnk

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    Credit to the horse glitch: u/sadman689 on Reddit

    WARNING -- Leaving this running for a very prolonged time will likely result in a gambling ban of 7 days. -- WARNING
    WARNING -- Having too many chips / Withdrawing > 5m chips at a once MAY result in chip / money wipe -- WARNING

    Hi everyone, I left this to Idle for an hour and made 1.4 million so thought I would share. This glitch is just clicking a few buttons that are allways in the same place so I macro'd the mouse movement to continuousy do this glitch untill you want it to stop! Below are some scripts that sould suit your setups.

    If you use the PC script and don't have a 1920x1080p display use Realtime mouse position monitor tool to find the coords of the buttons easily. The order of the buttons is - Solo event - 1st/6th place horse - Right increase arrow - Place bet - Bet again.

    Method, (CREDIT: uwu)
    Fastest PC Auto hotkey macro, (CREDIT: uwu )

    Auto Hotkey Script, Easy custom resolution (CREDIT: getflakt ):

    PS4 method, (CREDIT: GlitchSquad)
    PS4 5k bet macro, (CREDIT: mambotango)
    PS4 macro, (CREDIT: EyeDuDab )
    Second PS4 macro, CREDIT ( Althu Khalid )
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  2. Jamo_Gaming

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    Anyone get this working on Xbox controller ?
  3. nandayo

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    Hi guys,

    Got banned 7 days few weeks ago. Today, I ran my script (PC), after the second bet (no win), the game crashed. Is that a new anti-cheat feature ? Already had this kind of crashed when I ran the script few weeks ago :thumbsdown:
  4. pastysmasher

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    The casino was always going to be a bad idea(mainly for us users). It was a cash cow for Rockstar.

    I spent 450,000 on the Egyptian slot machine just to see what would happen. What did happen? Nothing. A few 5,000 dollar wins but that's it.

    TLDR; casino is useless, Rockstar always win lol
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  5. EyeDuDab

    EyeDuDab ...But Those Are All Piping Dreams!

    As for any casino, anywhere globally... always trust that house will have advantage :whistle::cigar:

    Slots are there to keep you from leaving. An excellent marketing maneuver originally setup by early mobsters. The tables is where real skill vs house will play into the gamblers benefit.

    A wise man once said "you gotta know when to fold em"

    I've lived around casinos, if you dont play smart, the house will take everything you own, and ruin your life
  6. da_illest101

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    Luckily for us it was pretty glitchy. I brought the game 2 weeks after the casino update and made 25 millions from it ( most of it from track races, a few millions from 3 cards and I won 1.25 millions twice from the slots machines). It helped me buy the stuff for more lucrative glitches.
  7. Jroc24

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    5 million so far using the 5k script on ps4 (been using on/off the past 24hrs while sleeping & working)

    Edit* Finally received my first gambling ban. Occured right around the 25 million mark, but it allowed me to gain enough to get set up for more lucrative glitches so cheers!
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