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PC [PC] MONARCH Defense AG | Now Recruiting and Looking for New Members | Leadership and Moderation roles available for Discord



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Hello guys,

Monarch Defense Alliance Group are looking to recruit members. We have a very different, and advanced structure, which you can see from the image at the bottom of this post.

What we specialise in
  • We specialise in everything from air, ground, and sea combat to helping you secure and deliver your cargo, and sales safely. Or if you want to grind RP or money, then again we can help.
  • I myself have over 6000 GTA Online in game hours, and highly experienced in pvp combat.
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles, which are available for crew members to use, or try out before purchasing themselves. We can also provide you with training to help you become a better GTA Online player, whether it’s in PVP, or just generally. Whether your join us as an alliance, a citizen or directly in the ranks as a member, we can help protect your assets.
You decide how you join this community
  • You may join us as an alliance crew, if you wish to form a crew alliance,
  • or as a citizen (where you will receive our protection and help),
  • or as a member if your goal is to move up the ranks, and join special departments such as our Combat Task Force which we are currently assembling.
Since this is a new crew, we are actively looking for people to fill in leadership and moderation roles. Experienced enough, and maybe you can become part of the High Council, which is responsible for the day to day management. You can also join as a "GTA Guide", where you role is to help new players and share your experience and skills with others.

Requirments to Join
There are no requirements.

How does management work?
Once we reach around 15-20 members we will slowly start assembling the Executive Committee, and the High Council which will run the organisation collectively.

If you are interested then please comment below, and we can invite you to the crew and discord.

Many Thanks,
MONARCH Defense Alliance Group

Heres an image of our heirachy. Day to day management, and most decisions will be done by the High Council, and the Executive Committee, whom we are looking to recruit for also.
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