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PC Gaming Discussion - Rules and Guidelines

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Global Rules and Terms

#1.1 The main board rules are located here. The sole purpose of this outline is to detail specific rules and forbidden content for this section. This extends to all subsection of the parent forum.

#1.2 Violation of these rules may result in a warning and/or further punishment.

#1.3 Search before you post. This can help eliminate the possibility of duplicate questions or topics.

#1.4 Respect the opinions of others. Learn to agree to disagree, and don't put others down because they have a different viewpoint than your own.

#1.5 If you run across any post or content that violates these rules or the main board guidelines, then please report the content and do not mini-mod.

#1.6 These rules are subject to change. Members will be notified of such changes.

#1.7 Bumping of topics is allowed, but not excessively. Excessive bumping (more than 2 times per day) may result in your topic being removed without warning.

#1.8 This section is to be used for all PC Gaming Related discussion. Please only make threads related to PC Gaming content here.

Forbidden Content

#2.1 Content that is prohibited from discussion include:
  • Discussions on other competitor products. These products most likely have their own designated forum (such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Google).
  • Warez, pirated software discussion, requests for pirated software or product serial numbers/keys is prohibited (from public and private messaging).
  • Threads containing off-topic discussions, they should be posted in their respective sections.
  • Black Hat related discussions (such as, but not limited to: Keyloggers, RAT's. Virus/Trojan/Misc. Software creation, etc...) is prohibited, and will be removed. Warnings and further punishment may follow.
Not open for further replies.
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