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Patched **PATCHED** Solo Facility merge, all vehicles [PC only]



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PC only - consoles will lose vehicles.

1 - Call any vehicle you want to merge
2 - Go inside facility and get into donor
3 - Access Facility Workshop
4 - Purchase modification
5 - Exit Facility and drive back in
6 - Creator - New session
(This should even work on Avenger and RCs if you call them out from Bogdan - someone would need to test though cause I prefer my old method since I can change stuff any time by changing the donor vehicle. However Bennys would not be possible)

Bennys wheels works slightly differently - this works on all vehicles except for aircraft and SVW vehicles (workaround for those below).
Do steps 1-3
4 - Buy something cheap (plate/paint/whatever)
5 - Exit Facility then drive back in
6 - Walk out of facility then either:
A) For normal cars, NC and Arena special vehicles - Go to the vehicle's original garage and drive it out
B) For Facility special vehicles - Call your mechanic and request the duped car from there
7 - Go to Bennys and purchase your wheels
8 - Creator - New session

Bennys aircraft and SVW vehicles workaround:

A full garage with a unique motorbike (Faggio in vid)
A unique motorbike in Facility (Manchez in vid)
Bennys Vehicle in facility

1 - Call your target Aircraft or SVW vehicle
2 - Walk into facility
3 - Get on bike and Access Facility Workshop
4 - Buy a paint job and make a mental note of the colour (This will help you identify it from MC menu)
5 - Exit Facility - Drive back into facility
6 - Go outside and request the bike you just duped from MC menu (remember you need the one with the colour you just painted)
7 - Go to your full garage and replace this duped bike with the Faggio (This pushes your target into the garage and the Faggio into Hangar/SVW)
8 - Drive the bike out of the garage and go to facility (Do not drive into facility, leave bi ke outside) - Enter facility on foot.
9 - Get into Bennys donor car and Access Facility Workshop
10 - Buy something cheap
11 - Exit vehicle and 'Return personal vehicle to storage'
12 - Walk out of facility and once outside call mechanic - request the Bennys dupe you just made from your full garage.
13 - Go to Bennys and purchase your wheels then exit
14 - Go back to your garage, put Bennys dupe back in by driving it or interaction menu 'Return Personal Vehicle To Storage'
15 - Outside, call your Faggio from MC menu
16 - Drive Faggio into your garage and replace the Bennys dupe (This pushes the Faggio into the garage and sends your original target vehicle back to its original slot)
17 - Creator - New session

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