party FOREVER in multiplayer lobby?!

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  1. hazelee

    hazelee Newbie

    ive had xbox live for about 2 weeks now.
    been playing GOW2 online for about that same amount of time.
    played yesterday.
    got thru 1 game, the game ended normal, and went back to the multiplayer lobby.
    tried to start a new game, and ever since then im stuck searching for players.

    ive tried:
    switching to another live profile on the 360
    restarting the game
    turning of the console
    switch the playlist
    find a team an let it sit for 30 min
    tested my live connection.

    it was working fine then for the past day it been blah.

    i do notice that they might have been updating it because the playlist catagories keep changing. but not sure.


    fixed by open ports 88 and 3074 TCP/UDP on firewall
    its just weird cuz ive been playing fine for two weeks and now i have to mess with settings. whatever.
  2. PappaDee

    PappaDee Newbie

    I dont think its just you. A few of us yestaday was waiting for awhile... We got that annoyed we paired off to play Wingman and same thing was happening there.

    Once we got into one game it started working OK.

    I wish i knew what the problem was myself.

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