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Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Glitches' started by FngGlitcher, Jan 11, 2019 with 2 replies and 2,359 views.

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  1. FngGlitcher

    FngGlitcher Enthusiast

    I want to clarify that I found this manipulation in June 2017.

    Glitch used:
    -duplicate birds: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/director-mode-outfit-glitch.1712665/
    -the bird:

    - A new account with a female character and a male character.
    - A bird in director mode (eat a peyote).

    ---- STEP TO DO ONLY ONCE ---- (If you have SW, you can skip these two steps by putting in your favorite actor, a girl character, and a character guy.)
    1) Go in director mode and put the bird and the man character in favorite.
    2) Return to story mode and return to director mode.
    3) Go into favorite actor, keep the down arrow (dupe bird) for about 22 minutes.
    4) Once the man character in the animal cage, go into an actor category and square, you will have your character with a modder outfit.
    5) Make triangle to put it in favorite, then go in the favorite actors, you will have it, select it.
    6) Return to the caravan, remove this actor from your favorite actors. (check before, that it is well in the recent actors)
    7) Go online, return to story mode and repeat from step 1 to step 6, but with the female character this time.
    8) Put the two WTF outfits (one of the man and one of the woman in favorite and you can remove the bird)

    Now you have two favorite characters (who are not your characters online)

    9) Go to story mode and do a quick backup /! \ VERY IMPORTANT /! \
    10) Break, online, change character, delete your two characters.
    11) Return to the story mode.

    ----- STEP TO DO EVERY ONE TIME ----
    1) In story mode, go to director mode and kill the bird. (Kill the bird: )
    2) Once in story mode, go to director mode and take the favorite character you want (girl or guy)
    3) Bring it back to story mode (by leaving the director mode), and go online normally, you will have the character online.

    You can go to story mode and redo step 1 to 3 with the character of the opposite sex to make a transfer of outfit.

    FOUNDER: FngGlitcher

    If you dont understand, or you can make a better steps, dm me, i will credit you :tongue:
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  2. MrSquiddles2K15

    MrSquiddles2K15 Your Grammar Sucks

    This is wasteful to do if you have to delete both of your characters
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  3. OP

    FngGlitcher Enthusiast

    Make a new account and find component for ur real acc
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