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Table of Contents:
Outbreak Summary
Exo Upgrades
Achievements & GUIDE
Easter Eggs
Outbreak Intro

  • Outbreak Summary
"When Atlas dropped the bomb, they hoped it would finish the war. Instead, it unleashed a freak show like no one's ever seen. No warning, no backup. No one left... but us." Kahn, Lilith, Oz, & Decker are all Atlas employees who have been the last survivors, depending on help from Atlas all they receive are minor orbital drops. Atlas is watching everything that goes on. Kahn has communication with Angie who is the computer system throughout the facility. You must fight your way to survival, a key to that is obtaining the Exo Suits from the Exo Testing room by turning on the power. The characters have an opportunity to escape and you need to uncover the Easter Egg to grant them that opportunity.

  • Characters
Characters Voice Actor(s)/Actress
- Kahn = Paxton
- Lilith = Rose McGowan
- Oz = John Malkovich
- Decker = Jon Bernthal
Atlas Staff:

  • Exo Upgrades
Credit Cost: 2,500
Exo Health increases the amount of damage your player can receive without going down. Normally it will be three hits and you are down. With Exo Health it will double your players strength against Exo Zombie blows.
Credit Cost: 2,000
Slam an ability that you have on Multiplayer. At low rounds you can use your Exo Suit to jump than boost, while you are in the air you can perform a Slam attack which kills the zombies within a certain radius of where you landed. On higher rounds when this is least effective you will just knockdown a crowd of exo zombies.
Credit Cost: 1,500 (Solo 500)
After purchase your player will be able to revive friendlies twice as fast for a quicker pick up. Solo this perk will allow you to revive yourself. It will be available for three purchases
Credit Cost: 1,750
Soldier gives any run and gun player the best experience. Anyone with this upgrade will be allowed to shoot and reload while sprinting, better hip fire accuracy, & faster weapon swap speed
Credit Cost: 2,000
Like in past Call of Duties this is Sleight of Hand. Your player will reload weapons much quicker to get back into the firefight.

  • Achievements & GUIDE


- Power Stations: There will be little Power generators around the map. In each section there will be the generators you mus turn on to use certain abilities.

Orbital Drop: Randomly dropped throughout the rounds. Your inventory can only hold three drops.

Credits - Atlas will send down spare credits to help you through the firefight
AI Rocket Assault Drone - The drone will go around shooting all Exo Zombies for a period of time. Almost like a Pet Pavelow.

  • Easter Eggs
- Music Eater Egg

Song: Ride The Valkyrie by Richard Wagner

Text TutorialYou must hold (X) or Square on these three objects. First there will be a Buzzsaw in Holding B. In Exo Suit Holding there will be a knife on a table behind a door. Last there will be a wrench in the wall by the Atlas hall way near decontamination room. After there will be music playing.
  • B Holding - Buzzsaw
  • Administration - Wrench
  • Exo Testing - Knife

- Solo Easter Egg Strategy

When playing solo I found this way to be the best method. If you have suggestions for better ways please feel free to post below. If you need the steps please visit here.

Step 1) Get the battery in the spawn. Place it in the computer located in the Morgue.

Step 2) Locate the 3D printer & try and get the EM1 early and do Lilith's method for Security card.

Step 3) Now you have one card. Keep the EM1 & go to the incinerator.

Step 4) Move against the wall and look down with the EM1. Move up and down the moving wall while shooting constantly and holding (X) or Square to pick up the card. (Note: There is a 95% chance of getting the card while doing this method.)

Step 5) By this time there should be drops by Atlas. With goodluck you will get Camouflage which you should will come in handy for Mr. Kahn's part which involve the infected.

Step 7) At this point you should have enough to buy Exo Slam but you need to shoot out the piston first. When the piston is gone slam on top of the box.

Step 6) Get infected than activate your Camouflage, than activate all switches in the decontamination room. You will have more than enough time to activate all switches and get the security card.

Step 7) Hopefully you have collected Nano grenades if not that is okay. You must collect 49 cards dropped by selective zombies.

Step 8) When collected go to the computer you put the batter in and toggle it.

Step 9) Leave a zombie or two and find the finger print scanner for your character. There are a total of 4.

Step 10) When all are green go back to the computer and finish authorization. Get the Exo suit and go outside. Boom you have your achievement.
- Game Over, Man Easter Egg

Step 1) Find the Black Box by the downed warbird in the start of the map.
Step 2) Bring the Black Box to the Morgue room and attach it to the computers.
Step 3) Gain access with four of the characters security cards. (Note: Only the Card that's assigned to the player can pick it up)

Decker - The Security card will be left in the incinerator. To access the incinerator you need to open the trash chute and let the gas escape. When the chute closes, access it again. Instead of leaving another chute you will end up in the incinerator. The card is tricky to find, there is a wall that slowly closes in on you and if you don't get out quick enough you will get crushed and die. What you need to do is shoot the floor to uncover the security card. It will show up when the spot that was covered by it was hit. When obtaining the card quickly leave through the trash chute.
Oz - The Card is located in B Holding room. His card is trapped in a cell which is lowered into the floor. Under the raised cell there is a piston sticking up. You must shoot it until it disappears. It will take a lot of bullets. Now when the piston is gone you need to get the Exo Upgrade, Exo Slam (if you are playing with more then one person everyone needs Exo Slam). If in solo, you need to Exo Slam on the Cell standing up that you shot the piston out. If you have more than one player, at the same time you need to all Exo Slam at the same time. If done correctly the Cell in the floor will rise up briefly. Oz needs to grab the card within the Cell.
Lilith - This step is out of luck, you will need an EM1 (laser gun) any player can grab the EM1 but only Lilith can get the card. When a player has the EM1 they must constantly shoot the 3D Printer and use the printer which is 1,000 Credits. If done correctly Lilith's Security Card will Print and Lilith must pick it up.
Kahn - This card can only be obtained in the infection round. You must also become infected. When infected in the Administration room there will be 4 thumb scanners. One on the top ledge by the credit machine. Two by the window near the trash chute. Three near the door before the steps. Four across from the Exo Medic near the windows.
Step 4) After gathering all four main Security Cards. Each player or if solo needs to get 49 security cards dropped by zombies. Keep in mind not every Exo Zombie drops a Card. When you have enough it will say this in the bottom right

Step 5) When you have all 49 cards. Go back to the computers where you put the Black Box in, in the Morgue and submit the cards.
Step 6) There are four Scanners around the map. Each player is assigned a scanner due to their profession.
Lilith > Morgue Second Floor
Oz > Exo Testing Room Stair Well
Kahn > Administration Room
Decker >
Step 7) Reactivate the Computer in the Morgue which you did in Step 2 & Step 5
Step 8) Head over to the Exo Testing Room and grab another Exo Suit. If you are with people than all of you must grab another Exo Suit at the sametime. Then head over outside and watch the Warbird for pick up.
Step 9)

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