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Discussion ORYX @Light-260 RAID - Experiment Complete. NEXT: King's Fall RAID at light level 260.

Want to prove that Light is not a factor in Raid Completion?

  • yes, FREEDOM, for all LFG Players (no more light requirements!)

  • no, Light has never been a factor (people have just been ignorant)

  • Implement my custom poll choice below!

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Guardians, I'm stuck at forever 309 light. What to do, you ask? I'm doing this:
Complete the full King's Fall RAID at Light Level 261. Interested? Skip below.

I'm a fan of Destiny's new content cap. The content caps at 300 light, a limit we will want to surpass (and we can).
Y1: Forever-29 meant doing 30% less damage because of a missing piece of gear.
Y2: The light range broadens, with players hitting hard anywhere near the content level. ~~300+ is really just a buffer to avoid another forever 29 era
TTK Content utilizes a safety feature which enables players to go over the content level, thus never to fear the true consequences experienced by Forever-29 players.

Also, with the new infusion mechanic, we can mix gear we like with any light value!
So many of us have seen the "light 290+" and "experience required" posts on LFG recently. I hear you, it's only week two and you want to get more rewards! Well those of you who don't enjoy being judged by light level, come prove the realm of LFG wrong and join us, or watch as we defend players around the world! Because soon, we will defeat Oryx with no player over 270 light.

LIGHT EXPERIMENT -- just completed Solo Court of Oryx, Tier 3 (light-300 enemies)
light 259 - ??? + Immune
light 260 - ??? + Immune
light 262 - 42 + 1179, 562 | Reduced Damage (50% of 309 light DPS)
light 300 - 42 + ...
light 309 - 42 + 2538, 1585 | Nice damage. Tank . beats . everything!
Your light level affects both Offense and Defense. When you lower your light:
1. Weapons become pewpew Pellets of 1-Impact doom.
2. Armor becomes a one-second warning prior to death.
Basically, you have to be within 40 light of your enemy! WootWoot!

SO, Let's RAID King's Fall - @261 LIGHT!
(XBOX ONE) 02 OCT - 04 OCT Weekend

It's like HALO: LASO, Legendary All-Skulls-ON.

I will be leading with the team.
  1. Headset/Microphone
  2. 300+ Light Weapons
  3. All legendary/exotic gear, fully upgraded.
  4. Patience, and eagerness for victory.
  5. Low Light Ghost, Artifact, or Class Item (low enough to be 261-269 light overall)
Not Necessary:
You will NOT need prior experience, 310 weapons, ...more on this as questions arise.

HOW TO JOIN: Questions in this thread, Interested Players can message me @GT: Zenithmaru
- - - - -
Future of Raid challenges:
- We've seen a four-man raid and we've seen a light 261 team slay the king,
but what about merging the two?! YES, a four-man #KF RAID at Light-261.
- So this weekend we will begin building the team and have some fun with the Raid.
Next weekend, dare we enter with ONLY Rare-gear?!
- - - - -
As always, edit in-progress.
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Blake Alverson

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I've never done the raid and i'm stuck at 288 light, i'd love to raid sometime.


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damn sounds like an interesting experiment, can't wait till i see the update :biggrin:
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