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Table Of Contents:
i. Map Overview
ii. Characters
iii. Perks
iv. New weapons
vi. Transportation
vii. Rewards Chest, Map Rewards
viii. How To Build Assault Shield
ix. How To Build Maxis Drone
x. How Obtain G-Strike Grenade
xi. Staff Information
xii. Little Lost Girl Easter Egg
xiii. End Game Cinematic
xiv. Map Achievements



i. Map Overview
"Every story has a beginning...and an end." "Unleashed after the Germans unearthed the mysterious Element 115, this next chapter in the Zombies legacy will explore the saga’s origins as players reunite with an unlikely band of soldiers that come together to defeat the greatest evil the world has ever seen, using a period-specific arsenal that includes Wonder Weapons that harness supernatural powers, a diesel-drone and Mark IV tank, as well a new perk machine and power-ups – and that’s just the start. Players will need all the help they can get to succeed in defeating the undead, as well as evading an unprecedented 1,000-foot tall robot abomination. "Witness the origins of Group 935, as an ancient evil is unleashed upon the battlefields of World War I." The "original characters" (younger versions of Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo) return as the four playable characters. The zombies have yellow eyes in this map. The map features Wonder Weapons that harness supernatural powers, a Panzer Soldat, Mark IV Tank, as well a new Perk-a-Cola machine and Power-Ups. Revealed in the cinematic intro of Origins, a zombie in typical crusader attire is scheduled to appear. Unlike typical zombies, the crusader zombies have purple eyes, possibly because they may be the original zombies not controlled by any Announcer and are exclusively affected by the Element 115. Generators are found all over the map; they are used to power Mystery Box locations and perks in that area as well as other things. There is no new perk, but rather a machine called "Der Wunderfizz" that gives the player a random perk bottle, much like the box. The Giant Mechs roaming the map will down players when stepping on them, so it is wise to be aware of a player's surroundings. There are two new power-ups: Zombie Blood, which masks the player with zombie blood, in which they see reddish-orange and zombies and Panzer Soldats don't attack them, and Blood Money, which is obtained using the Shovel. Blood Money is similar to Bonus Points, it gives the player a random amount of points when obtained. Buildables also return, featuring four elemental staffs (Staff of Lightning, Staff of Fire, Staff of Ice, and the Staff of Air), the Zombie Shield with a new dieselpunk aesthetic and the Maxis Drone, which is similar to the MQ-27 Dragonfire. The Maxis Drone will fly around the player and shoot at zombies as well as revive downed players. Players can also use Shovels at certain spots to dig up certain items. These may gain benefical items, like a weapon or a Power-Up, or they may spawn something hazardous, like a zombie or a live grenade. The release trailer features one of three Giant Mechs and either German/Allied airships. One of the airships provide a part necessary to build one of the four elemental staffs. The Demonic Announcer for this map is Samantha Maxis as a young girl. It is possible to enter the Giant Mechs' heads by waiting for a glowing circle on the base of their foot to appear. Only one of their feet can be glowing at a time. Once that mech comes back around the next time, its other foot will be glowing. Shooting the glowing circle on the base of its foot will cause the circle to open. Once stepped upon by that foot, all players caught under it will be teleported the head of the mech rather than being crushed.

ii. Characters


Tank Dempsey: American hero. Hand him a loaded weapon, a good woman, and something to shoot at and he is happy. Enrage him and he will rip your guts out and use them as a bandolier. Dempsey was selected for this mission after he showed his true grit at the battle for Peleliu. Remarkable though it may seem, his unit was captured during the early raids before the main invasion, and he spent 2 weeks in a rat infested bamboo cage submerged in malarial water. Well that did not stop The Tank. After he gnawed his way through the cage, he then gnawed his way through his captors armed only with a Bobby pin and his Medal of Honor which he keeps secreted in various body cavities. Now you know there is no before the war for Dempsey, and there is no after. There is only the legend of Tank Dempsey, and how he will win the war for the rest of us.


Sergeant Nikolai Belinski: Stalin himself cannot stare Nikolai in the eye, no one can. There, in his eyes, you will see the soul of a man burning with the hatred of all things living. His closet is full of skeletons, many of them with the flesh still attached. Early in his career, Nikolai had quickly made his way up through the party ranks by killing the next man in line, and by marrying politically. Ultimately, his aspirations all came crashing down after his fifth wife mysteriously died while cleaning his axe with her neck. Little did he know that she had been sleeping with a high ranking party official on the side. This made Nikolai infamous, and his reputation spread quickly through the party. It was not long before Stalin himself had heard about Nikolai. More importantly, he feared Nikolai. As soon as the war started, our hero was dropped on the front lines and forgotten about, where he wallowed in self pity and vodka for several years. There are many weapons in his arsenal, not least of which is his breath."


Captain Takeo Masaki: Enter Takeo, for whom life has no meaning if not to perfect your discipline and to reveal true character and honor. Perhaps he ponders this and other philosophical questions as his Katana slices through the flesh and sinew of his enemy. Our hero was born into wealth; his family dynasty dates back several centuries, and throughout that time they have been highly decorated Samurai and Bushido. Well Takeo is no exception to this celebrated bloodline. Even when the family first saw the young, life-filled 5 year old Takeo playing in the street with his Katana and slicing the tails off terrified kittens , it was obvious he was destined to bring honor to the Masaki name. Reserved and reflective, the war is a perfect opportunity for Takeo to explore his blood lust and study the nature of those less honorable than himself, so if you fall victim to his swift action and might know that you have helped a man better than you reach enlightenment."


Doctor Edward Richtofen: "Beware The Doc". A message that was scrawled across walls of every town under Axis control. Starvation may cripple you, dysentery may wreck you, and gunfire may rip the flesh from your bones, but "Beware The Doc". This is Dr. Richtofen, known affectionately as "The Butcher" to his victims as they scream in agony moments before he snuffs out their light. All through his career, Richtofen has been at the forefront of torture and information extraction research. Richtofen is an incurable sociopath and sees no moral distinction between natural death and murder; the victim is the victim, regardless of how their demise manifests itself. Doctor Richtofen has a collection of stuffed animals, most of them posed in positions of terror at the instant of their death." Richtofen studied at Heidelberg University, where Ludvig Maxis tried to be a father figure to him, as the death of his parents affected him greatly. Maxis believed he was intelligent and mature "way beyond his years", though he felt his choices were influenced by friends in Group 935, of which both men were a member of. In 1917, Group 935 located a site in Northern France with large amounts of element 115 and began excavation to unearth it. One year later, believing Maxis succumbed to the mental effects of element 115, Richtofen began surgery on him to recover his brain and put it in the Maxis Drone, but the excavation site became overran with zombies. Amidst the chaos, three allied soldiers, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki held Richtofen at gunpoint during the surgery, but the four men decided to put aside their differences and fight together. Sometime after the battle at Northern France, Maxis' brain was put in a proper body and he became the leader of Group 935. Maxis' progress slowed due to his infatuation with Sophia, he decided it was time to act for the betterment of Group 935 and kill Dr. Maxis. During a teleporter test, Edward locked Maxis and his daughter, Samantha, in a room with Fluffy, the first Hellhound, in an attempt to kill them, but they both escaped. Samantha ended up teleporting to Griffin Station and entering the M.P.D., taking control of the zombies, which Richtofen had planned to do. In order to take control of the zombies, he enlisted the help of Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki, who were experimented on by Group 935 and whose memories had been wiped by Element 115. They first travel to a Japanese swamp and then to A Factory, where the zombies were created. After overloading the teleporter with the Wunderwaffe DG-2, the group travels forward in time, ending up at a now-abandoned theater in Berlin, Germany, sometime in the 1960's. They then teleport to an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome, where a scientist named Gersch needs to be freed. The group then teleports to Siberia, where George Romero is filming a zombie movie with four well-known actors. Things go awry when zombies appear and turn George into one of them. The celebrities find the group trapped in a small room. Richtofen then asks them to retrieve the Vril Generator for him. After they do, Richtofen gives the celebrities the Wunderwaffe DG-2 before the group teleports. The four of them end up in Shangri-La, which, despite its namesake, is filled with zombies due to the locals mining Element 115. Richtofen took the group here in order to retrieve the Focusing Stone. The group ends up having to help an explorer and his assistant escape. Although the two end up stuck in a never-ending loop, Richtofen acquires the Focusing Stone. Having everything necessary to complete his plan, he teleports the group to Hangar 18 in Area 51, which is overrun with zombies. The group quickly runs to the teleporter in the hangar, sending them to Griffin Station on the Moon. Zombies are also present here due to previous tests by Richtofen. The group eventually opens the M.P.D., revealing Samantha Maxis, who still possesses the looks of a young girl due to being cryogenically frozen in the machine. After fusing the Vril Generator and the Golden Rod together, Richtofen finally assumes control of the zombies by console-swapping bodies with Samantha and entering the Aether. Maxis then contacts the group from the computers of Griffin Station and explains that there is a way to minimize the damage that Richtofen will cause. After following his instructions, the group watches as three rockets are launched towards Earth to sever the link with the Aether and the world, one of them landing in a destroyed nuclear test site. However, much to Richtofen's pleasure, the calculations were off and the rockets instead obliterated Earth. This allows the zombies, now in Richtofen's control, to overpopulate the survivors of the missile launch and give Edward even greater power. Among the surviving humans still inhabiting Earth, Richtofen contacts survivor Samuel J. Stuhlinger, who had previously eaten the flesh of zombies under the commands of a survival group called the Flesh, by speaking to him as a voice within his head. Due to his insatiable hunger for power, Richtofen commands Stuhlinger to complete a series of tasks to reinforce the link with the Aether and the Earth, which would thereby allow him to manipulate all energies and lifeforms existing, and additionally mend the Rift to damn the soul of Samantha Maxis to Agartha. To complete his plan, Richtofen instructs Stuhlinger to convince his allies, fellow survivors Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Marlton Johnson and Russman to activate a polarization device located in the ruins of a town in Washington by supplying it with energy. Meanwhile, Maxis contacts the survivors and asks for their help in polarizing the device as well, resulting in a power struggle between the two. Regardless of their choice, the four are teleported to a series of crumbling skyscrapers in former Shanghai, China, where the second device is located. There they are constantly resurrected by Richtofen until they successfully complete his demands, while Maxis also races to have the tower seized under his control. After the tower is polarized in either's favor, Russman leads the group to the mysterious Rift, located in Southwest Angola, hoping to find answers to the mysteries surrounding them all. At the Rift, an African Western Town has been entombed within the catacombs, forcing the group to traverse beneath the surface to gain control of the third and final polarization device to complete the demands of either Maxis or Richtofen.If the player decides to follow Richtofen's side of all three Easter Eggs, the Rift will be mended, eternally damning the soul of Samantha Maxis and the link with the Aether and the Earth will be reinforced. This allows Edward to gain full control of all energies and become omnipotent, granting his soul the ability to leave the Aether and enter the body of Stuhlinger, whom he uses as his physical host. Meanwhile, Maxis ceases his existence inside the Griffin Station computer systems. If the player decides to follow Maxis' side of all three Easter Eggs, a gateway to the Aether will open, allowing him to escape his digital form and assume power over the Aether's energy and use it to open the gateway to Agartha and destroy the Earth in the process. Meanwhile, Richtofen's soul is transported into a zombie with blue eyes and doomed to forever walk the Earth as one of the undead.

iii. New Weapons:
Mauser Pistol:


MG-08 LMG:



Mp-40 SMG:








vi. Transportation:

The Mark IV tank is a rideable vehicle that appears in the zombies map Origins included in the Apocalypse downloadable pack. It can be found under the church near the back of the map and costs 500 points to activate. When it is moving, it won't stop until it gets to the building near Generator 2, which is labeled with a sign that says "Tank Station", where the engine will have to cool down before it can be used again, this takes approximately two-three minutes. It will then continue on the to church when activated by the player; where it will once again have to cool down. It will only travel on the muddy area of the map where players would normally slow down. The tank itself is very similar to the bus on TranZit, in ways as such players can utilize the tank as a defensive platform and can move across certain parts of the map in a safer fashion. It is possible for zombies to jump onto the tank and attack the players while it is moving, but sometimes the Tank will use a flamethrower that it has and fire at nearby zombies to prevent this. There are numerous gaps in the sections of muddy trenches that lead into another trench, normally the player must jump down to continue, but the tank crosses these large gaps. The tank can be called from the Tank Station and the church for 500 points from the switch beside where the tank stops. The tank can only be called to the location after it has been used once. The tank is needed to make the Staff of Lightning, as the player needs to reach high areas that are normally not accessable without proper elevation to acquire parts.

vii. Challenge Chest, Map Rewards

There are four challenges in Black Ops 2 Origins that you are required to complete in one run in order to unlock Overachiever achievement. These challenges are:

Headshot 115 Zombies (Normal)
Activating 6 Generators
Spending 30,000 Points
Filling 4 Chests to Capacity
After finishing a challenge, go to the Stone Box where all challenges are named, to claim a reward. You can get Pack-a-Punched Gun, perk, ammo, and explosive melee punches.

Getting headshots on 115 normal zombies is simple and so is spending 30,000 Points. Although I would recommend an Assault Rifle for taking the headshots.

As for activating the generators, you can refer to my generators locations guide for more assistance on this particular challenge. Although you don’t have to activate them all at the same time for this achievement. The chests that you are required to fill up are located at the following locations: While coming out of the Workshop, to the left hand side of the Excavation Site
Near Generator #5
Alfresco the church, near the cemetery
Next to Generator #4 and MP40
To fill up these chests, you have to kill the zombies around them. Since completing this challenge is difficult, I would rede you to use some decent guns, a lot of perks, and a Juggernaut. There are not only zombies near these chests, but the Giants and Panzer Soldats can also come by; making this even more difficult. Note that if a Giant treads on a chest, it will close and you will have to start all over again. As for the Panzer Soldats, try to evade their claws and shoot them in the face for an instant kill. Use Ray Gun or MKII and easy difficulty to get this done! Once you complete all the challenges, your achievement will unlock.

How To Obtain The Golden Shovel and Golden Helmet:
You dont have to do much except dig alot! Dig up 50 the bones, dig up 50-60 for shovel, and around 75-100 for helmet.

Free Magna Collider (Pack-a-Punched MG08/15)

In order to obtain a free, Pack-a-Punched version of the MG08/15, you must first build the Maxis Drone. The first part is found on the table in the starting room, the second will be found on top of or near to the Excavation Site, and the final part is near the Church, often in the mud. Once you find a build station (one is very close to the third part, behind the tank), add all of the parts to the Maxis Drone and pick it up. There are now 4 locations that you need to take the Drone to, so that he can collect 4 gold discs:

Just outside the front of the Church, by the giant robot’s foothole. The disc is on the roof of the Church.
Near the starting room, outside the door next to the Ballista. The disc is in the burning rubble on the right.
By Generator 5. The disc is on the broken roof by the edge of the map.
On top of the excavation site. The disc is opposite the Pack-a-Punch machine, on a ledge to the right.
Once the Maxis Drone collects all 4 gold discs, there will be a free Magna Collider waiting for you by the Pack-a-Punch machine.
viii. How To Build Assualt Shield:

ix. How To Build Maxis Drone:

x. How to get G-Strike grenades:

xi. Staff Information:
To build the staffs, you’ll need to enter the ancient civilization by building the Gramophone. There are two parts to find:
Disc: One discs is needed for each Elemental Staff. Place the correct disc onto the Gramophone at each elemental tunnel to open a portal.
Gramophone: Below the Pack-A-Punch machine around the excavation site.
Construct the Gramophone. It is used for accessing the unique elemental tunnels with last part needed to construct each staff. Look for areas around the map labeled “Crazy” to reach the crystals. Then, with all the parts, the Gramophone is used to reach the secret area below the excavation site.
How to Build the Staff of Fire

To build the Fire Staff, collect the parts at these locations:
Off the corpse of the Panzersoldat.
Power up Generator 6 and collect the part from the open chest nearby.
Another part will appear on the pews of the ruined church.
Shoot down the yellow plane and collect the part that drops down.
Place the Gramophone on a table in the Fire Tunnel near Generator 2, or to the left of No Man’s Land path from the spawn room, to make a portal appear. Take the crystal from the red altar.
With all the parts, return to the underground area of the excavation site and place the Gramophone to make a set of stairs appear.
Go down the stairs and place all the collected parts onto the fire altar to construct the staff.
How to Build the Staff of Lightning

To build the Lightning Staff, collect the parts at these locations:
Under the church, after getting the tank started, or on the second floor of the warehouse.
While riding the tank, jump from the tank to the path left of the trench. There are two more paths that can be reached while riding the tank through the church area that also contain parts.
Find the Lightning Tunnel next to the Stamin-Up machine, marked with a sign, and place the Gramophone on the table. Grab the crystal inside and return to the trenches.
With all the parts, return to the underground area of the excavation site and place the Gramophone to make a set of stairs appear.
Go down the stairs and place all the collected parts onto the lightning altar to construct the staff.
How to Build the Staff of Ice

To build the Ice Staff, collect the parts at these locations:
Get the disc from the shelves near the MP-40 chalk outline around Generator 2.
Wait for it to start snowing in the trenches, then begin digging up mounds with the shovel found in the spawn room.
Go to the Ice Tunnel underneath the church and place the Gramophone to create a portal. Grab the Ice crystal and return to the trenches.
With all the parts, return to the underground area of the excavation site and place the Gramophone to make a set of stairs appear.
Go down the stairs and place all the collected parts onto the ice altar to construct the staff.
How to Build the Staff of Wind

To build the Wind Staff, collect the parts at these locations:
The disc will appear in the Lightning Tunnel near the table periodically.
The remaining parts are all contained within the three giant robots that walk across the trenches. To enter each robot, look at the bottom of the feet — there should be a glowing ring. Shoot it with any weapon and let the robot step on you.
If done correctly, the player will appear inside the giant robots. Get inside all three robot heads to collect the three parts.
Travel to the Wind Tunnel near Generator 4 and place the Gramophone to enter the “Crazy Place” and collect the crystal.
With all the parts, return to the underground area of the excavation site and place the Gramophone to make a set of stairs appear.
Go down the stairs and place all the collected parts onto the wind altar to construct the staff.

How to Unlock All 4 Ultimate Staffs:
Ultimate Staff of Fire Puzzle Solutions
Fire “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

Enter the Fire portal with the Fire Staff and kill zombies near the four large pots in the area. Kill zombies near the pots until a fire erupts inside, indicating that you have killed enough zombies.
Do the same for all four pots, then return to the regular map. If you’ve completed the challenge correctly, Samantha will give your team a new message.
Origins Fire Staff Puzzle Solution

Look in the church for a row of torches with numbers. The numbers on the torches follow a Ternary (base 3) number system.
Follow the numbers from right to left and light these corresponding torches with the Fire Staff; 11, 5, 9, 7, 6, 3, 4.
Get the code right, and Samantha will chime in again.
Ultimate Staff of Ice Puzzle Solutions

Ice “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

This time, you’ll have to match strange patterns that appear on the wall with stone slabs on the ceiling. Currently, how the stone slab markings and the dot patterns align is unknown.
When a symbol appears, players can test every slab until they find the correct match. You’ll need to match up five (5) symbols in a row to complete this challenge.
Choosing an incorrect symbol will reset the challenge.
Origins Ice Staff Puzzle Solution

Look for three (3) burning fires around the top of the Excavation Site. Put out the three fires quickly with the Ice Staff.
Next, search the borders of the trenches for tombstones spouting water. They appear in random places — freeze them with the ice staff, then have a friend shatter them with a bullet.
Ultimate Staff of Wind Puzzle Solutions

Wind “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

Use the Wind Staff to move the rings with symbols to correctly line up on the ceiling. These numbers and symbols match the symbols that appear in the Ice puzzle.
The clue to solving the puzzle is at the base of the wind portal.
Origins Wind Staff Puzzle Solution

Another search — find three smokestacks around the trenches. Use the Wind Staff to blow the smoke toward the Excavation Site to complete this challenge. Samantha’s voice will confirm if done correctly.
Ultimate Staff of Lightning Puzzle Solutions

Lightning “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

Look in the purple lightning corner. The triangles are arranged like a keyboard, with notes labeled on the left. These notes always stay the same. To complete the challenge, shoot the indicated keys with the Lightning Staff.
Follow the code, counting the keys from left to right. The first key (lower) is 1, the first key (upper) is 2. Think of it like this:
Follow the three sequences:
#1: 10, 1, 5
#2: 5, 8, 12
#3: 6, 10, 3
Origins Lightning Staff Puzzle Solution

Travel around the map and find all 8 sparking electricity panels. Use the panels to turn a dial until the panels stop shooting sparks. Do it for all 8 and Samantha will chime in.


xii. Little Lost Girl Easter Egg Guide:
Lost Little Girl Easter Egg Guide.
Note: Two or more players are required to complete every step.

Step #1: Activate the Generators

Just that simple. Get all six (6) generators working.

Step #2: Open the Underground Chamber

Travel to the Pack-A-Punch in the center of the map and collect the Gramophone down the stairs. The Gramophone, when combined with a vinyl record, will play music and open secret passages.
To find the first secret passage, place the Gramophone on the table near where it spawns, and then find the record.
A record should appear near the machine upstairs. Take it and place it on the Gramophone. It will begin to play music, and the stairs into the ancient civilization below the Excavation Site will lower.
This area will become important later. It is required to build the 4 Elemental Staffs.

Step #3: Build the 4 Elemental Staffs

To construct the Elemental Staffs, you’ll need to collect the parts hidden throughout the map and bring them back to the underground secret chamber you opened earlier.
To find the 4 Elemental Crystals, you’ll need to place the Gramophone with the correct “disc” (actually a vinyl record) next to the wall marked “Crazy” in each of the elemental tunnels.

Step #4: Complete the Ultimate Staffs

Once you have all four (4) Elemental Staffs, the team must complete puzzles in the “Crazy” place and around the trenches map.
See how to complete every puzzle, check out our walkthrough; Black Ops 2: Origins – How to Build all 4 Ultimate Staffs

Step #5: 5th Staff Altar, Place Keys in 3 Mechs

Once all four (4) Elemental Staffs have been turned into the Ultimate Staffs, a 5th Staff altar will appear in the center of the chamber. Now, the players must re-enter the three (3) giant mechs and place matching staffs.
Ice Staff: Place inside Fraya, the Mech in the far left side of the map.
Thunder Staff: Place inside Thor, the Mech in the far right side of the map.
Wind Staff: Place inside Odin, the Mech in the center of the map.
Finally, place the Fire Staff on the new pedestal that appeared in the center of the chamber described earlier (it appears after upgrading all 4 Elemental Staffs) and Samantha’s voice should play.

Step #6: Get the Thunder Fists

There are four (4) mech footprints with special chests scattered around the trenches. Kill zombies near the chests to fill them with souls.
Go to the chest in the crater near the Stamin-Up machine. Another is near the Jugger-Nog. The third is south of the Excavation Site, and a fourth is outside the Church.
Once all four chests have been filled, you’ll be able to get the Thunder Fists.

Step #7: Purify the Slabs

Next, the team will need to acquire special Stone Slabs to gain the G-Strike Beacon, sometimes referred to as the “Odin Bomb.”
Go to the Tank Bunker to find the slabs. Take them and place the items in the church water basin. Draw zombies near the basin and kill zombies to infuse the slabs with souls.
Once the slabs turn white, you’ll need to return them to the Tank hangar. Watch out for muddy patches — walking in mud will revert the slabs back to normal, and they’ll need to be purified again. Try using the Tank to return to the slab spawn location.
Continue to kill zombies until Samantha’s voice is heard again. By now, the G-Strike Beacon becomes available — grab it, and prepare to use it.

Step #8: Destroy the Seal

Enter one of the giant mechs — any one mech will do. Inside the head, look for a bright red button.
Have a teammate with the G-Strike Beacon wait by the Seal located south of the Stamin-Up upgrade, outside the traversable area of the map. Don’t miss!
Once the beacon is in place, have a teammate hit the button inside the giant mech to launch the strike.

Step #9: Send Maxis Drone into the Seal & Defeat the Panzer Soldat Horde

Next, prepare for a big fight. Bring the Maxis Drone near the Seal to send it in — two (2) Panzer Soldats will spawn per player.
You can build the Maxis Drone at any point in Origins. Find the locations below:
Brain: Down the stairs, on a desk in the Spawn Room.
Frame: Near the Ice Tunnel, outside the road into the Tank bunker, and the tank entrance to the Church.
Rotors: All over the Excavation Site — near the secret stairs, near the Pack-A-Punch, or near the lever inside the site.
The Maxis Drone only lasts 90 seconds before returning to the recharge table. Grab it and take it to the Seal to unleash the horde of Soldats.
Defeat them all, and the Maxis Drone will be unavailable until a later step.

Step #10: Destroy the Invisible Plane & Zombie

Use Zombie Blood to see a plane and a zombie that were previously invisible.
Look up in the sky and shoot down a plane spewing fire while affected by Zombie Blood.
With Zombie Blood, shoot the strange beast moving in circles around the Excavation Site. Collect the Maxis Drone from the body.

Step #11: Upgrade the Thunder Fists & Charge the Ultimate Staffs

Return to the “Crazy” place Staff room and kill 20 zombies. The fists will then upgrade into the Iron Fists. Grab them, and prepare for the end.
While in the “Crazy” place, place the four Ultimate Staffs onto their respective pedestals. Now you’ll need to kill zombies to infuse the staffs with souls.
Continue to kill until a portal appears. The achievement should now unlock, but there’s still one step left to complete this Easter egg.

Step #12: Send the Drone into the Portal

Retrieve the Maxis Drone and bring it to the new portal in the “Crazy” place. The Drone will fly into the sky
Light will shine down from the portal. Walk inside to see the ending cutscene for Origins.

xiii. Secret Songs Easter Egg & Green Rock Locations Guide:

Note: There is no prompt to interact with Green Rocks. Once found, place your cursor over the rock and press the use key [X / Square / Etc] to activate. Once all three are activated, the secret song will play.

Rock #1: The first rock appears in the spawn room, in the corner next to the door leading to Generator Room 3.
Rock #2: Leave the starting area and run toward Generator Room 2, and follow the path to the workshop through the trenches. Find the sign pointing toward No Man’s Land and unlock the bunker door. Go up the stairs, and look under the bunk beds against the wall.
Rock #3: Open the door to No Man’s Land. Follow the signs to the Excavation Site. The last rock is near crates, down in a corner of the map to the left of the Excavation Site. Trigger the third rock and the song will play.

2nd Song:

xiv. End Game Cinematic:


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Note: Two or more players are required to complete every step.

Not true.
It's possible to do it solo. The airstrike gets a bit trickier, but it's still possible.
To do it, you'll need to wait for the middle robot (and of course have an airstrike left)
Enter as usual, then stand by the red button and wait for the countdown.
About 0.4 seconds after the countdown is done (after he sais "one"), press the button.
You'll get forcefully ejected, which will give save you the time you need.

Once you've landed, rush against the target. You wont have time to aim, and depending on which foot was open, you wont even have to time to get sight of your target, you'll just have to lob the airtrike over the crates (for the left footstep (robot's left)), and while the other footstep is a bit easier, it's still very easy to miss.

Once you hit, though, and the concrete is blown open, you're solid.

Killer kham

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Can anyone help me my GT is killer kham


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Ok, so I've upgraded every staff completely, i finished upgrading the lightning staff last, and now, when i go into the excavation site, the rings, where the staffs are, are repeatedly flickering white. 
Ok, so I've upgraded every staff completely, i finished upgrading the lightning staff last, and now, when i go into the excavation site, the rings, where the staffs are, are repeatedly flickering white and it says that i haven't completely upgraded the lightning staff, there isn't a red outline around the staff. I haven't put any of the staffs in any of the pedastals because they won't appear. I need to know why this is happening. Any suggestions?
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